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well having waited months to be turned down for DFG, no surprise there! We are going ahead starting 1st Dec, just what I wanted for Christmas (not) anyway, whilst doing my research found that Impey showers have a care section on their site and are running a campaign to help people who do not qualify for DFG, ie. those who may get a pension etc. they also run a giveaway competieion, for the floor basically, just thought people may be interested in having a look, not that In would want to wait any longer to get it done, otherwise might have applied there rather than mess about waiting for the council and all their various people to say yes you need this and no we won’t help you,still given us time to save up a bit more!

I’d never heard of DFG. I need a ramp and the front door altering to get rid of steps, but I’m guessing my occupational pension will rule out any help, but I’ll look into this - thanks

Sorry but was does DFG stand for please?


First thing you do is contact your council an get a visit from an Occupational Therapist.
He/she will advise on what can be done.
The usual deal is something like “If it’s under £1000 cost, then the council pay”. I don’t know the exact figure.

The Occ. Th. will have a budget, and if it is not all spent, then you could be lucky.
If the cost is above the threshold, then the question of your income could come into it.
Worst case is that you have to pay yourself, but you will then know what is recommended, and you can go elsewhere and get the work done.

DFG (Disabled Facilities Grants) are means tested - I think the threshold is just over £16,000 a year - but I don’t know what the contribution is like.


Thanks, no point bothering then!


You might find this useful -


Hi, our wet room is almost a year old.

An OT recommended the work for me as urgent, and I was put on the DFG waiting list.

After 9 months, I rang to as where I was on the list…

number 161!!! I know…incredible innit!

So we bit the bullet, rang our bank and arranged a loan of…9 grand.

As we were paying for it ourselves, I decided was having exactly what I wanted.

I called it Hollywood…as I chose black twinkly wallboards, a gas heated chrome shower, blingy accessories, oh, and a gorgeous black gloss vertical radiator.Then I added a teal window blind and towels to match. I paid a scandalous £173 on a wall mirror which looks like a deep fairy grotto when you turn the light on.

We engaged a reputable plumber who did the job in a week and a half, plus my hubby did all the prep, ceiling lights, and finishing off. he also turned the old bathroom into a dining area, after the old partition wall was taken down.

As usually happens, the old floor was rotten and hubby ended up down a hole. I felt terrible at the amount of work I had caused him.

But the finished result is gorgeous and the place looks bigger.

I hope you enjoy your new wet room as mch as I do mine.

luv Pollyx