12 months!!!!

Hi friends!

Several months ago (March), I applied for a disabled facilities grant to have my wet room re-done, as water goes everywhere and ends up in the hall, plus I`d like a self propel commode, so I can get it over the loo…not enough room at the mo, so I use an attendant push one and try to shove myself around the place, and sometimes hurt meself!

Anyway, the OT advised me to ring the DFG dept at the council. I did so today…I am number 160 on their waiting list!!!

160…I asked what this means in terms of timescale and was told 12 months!

So I rang the bank to enquire about a loan and think it will have to be the way to go.

I talked to hubby about it and he agrees, we need it doing. He may do some of the work himself, to cut down on cost, but he is tired and I dont want to add to that. We are going to remove the present bathroom and take down its walls, then Ill be able to traverse through our bungalow without knocking chunks out of the walls and doorways, quite as much.

We`ll never be able to have any savings, as long as this rotten desease keeps progressing and costing us dear.

luv Pollx

What a long wait. Is there nothing you can do to get your name nearer the top of the waiting list. Then again, I guess everyone is waiting and everyone needs work done. Just wanted to say that any work that you do to help a disabled person should be vat free, I know it’s not much but it is a saving. In my experience lots of tradesmen don’t know about this but the rules are clear, you shouldn’t pay vat, not for the work or the ware you are fitting. Cheryl:-)

Oh thankyou both so much.

I didnt know about the vat off thingy. I will certainly ask about it after the quote comes in.

We had a plumber here this morning…1.5 hours…forgto to say in my OP that the new wet room will be put into the office/spare bedroom.

Moving hubby and his projectors and stuff to a TIDY corner!


Let’s hope things work out for you Poll

A shame it’s such a long wait to get what you clearly need. The VAT tip sounds useful to know. Hope the loan gets approved and you get good builders - asking to check references from previous clients works really well. If they’re reluctant - alarm bells. If they’re happy to - should be a good 'un! Good luck! xx

Thanks again guys.

Waiting for the quotes now.

Hubby has already starting clearing out his den and stripping wallpaper!

I`ve been looking at bathroom fittings and nick knacks…storage.

i`m excited!


Good luck with it all Polly,hope you get it sorted,

love Wendy x

Good luck with it Poll… hope you can get it sorted. What a difference it would make!

Hope you doing well hon and having nice weekend,

Pat x