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Hi All…since losing the stength in my right arm I was referred for an electric wheelchair…great I thought until I was told I must wait 2 years…I’m now 18 months into that and was looking forward to getting out and about so my wife rang W/Chair Services to find out when they would ‘get the ball rolling’ only to be told the wait is now 3 years…not sure if positive thinking is going to keep on working not going out is a BUMMER…and next year the wait may have gone up again!!..the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ is looking further and further away…sorry just wanted to vent my spleen

take care

Guido the Frustrated x

Hi Guido

If you have an OT give them a ring and ask them to chase it up for you. It can be surprising how they can hurry things along.

Hope it helps, take care


So sorry to hear about that, that is unbelievable! Cheers Tories. Very well done for venting without any $%***%! words. I have been sitting here for ages putting off wobbling to the shop to get cigarettes but i am just gonna get on with it now and thank my lucky stars.You should write to your local MP about it and tell the papers! I can’t believe how badly your situation is being handled. %%%%$$£!% indeed! x

It’s the squeaky wheel that gets oiled.

Don’t sit politely waiting - make a noise it may help to speed up the process and if it doesn’t you’re no worse off.

Love it!

As Jane says, don’t just wait - make a noise!

Karen x

Could you handle a small class I buggy? You could have a ‘road test’ at your local reputable mobility emporium. And then there is E-bay,secondhand shops,local MS Chapters and the supportless Internet.

If you can, then storage, recharging,ramp type things into the house,carrying it in a car/van become topics of conversation.

If you could handle one ,prices vary from £0 on a good day to £400 ish on t’internet.

Good luck, Wb

A letter to your MP, may start the ball rolling, the letter needs to be firm but polite, I have found they will try to move mountains to keep their potential voters happy, whatever their party.

If your MP is in the government party, they don’t want problems to surface.

If your MP is in the opposition party, they will delight in trying to stir the sticky stuff.

So for you its win, win.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor.

Hi Guido

I had a similar experience with wheelchair services !

They agreed that I needed an electric wheelchair, but I couldn’t have one until the “adaptions” team put in a ramp to my front door !

This would take a year !

They turned up last Friday (no pre-arranged appointment) saying they would be back on Monday to do the work. They haven’t been !

I asked about being able to actually get a wheelchair into the house because of my raised threshold and was told that someone else would need to do that work (but not when)

So…still no ramp, still no wheelchair, still waiting !!


…thank you All for your kind words and suggestions…I have already written to my MP…but he’s part of the govt. driving the cuts… and my OT is backing my quest…but there’s just no money left in the kitty and the cuts are going deeper…my next quest is appealing to charitiess to take pity on me…my wife is as cross as I am and making lots of noise…bless her she’s much louder than me…so watch this space!

take care you good people

Guido the hopeful x

Hi, this is absolutely appalling! I have pm`d you, maybe I can help.

luv Pollx