Is it possible to get a grant for an extension to build a downstairs bedroom, wetroom and toilet?

Just asking as I have a lot of problems now, and getting very difficult to get to the loo on time. And so hard to get on and off stairlft. They have mentioned a lift but just don’t have the room in my bedroom.

Think I really need to be on the same level now, but not sure it would be passed. Has anyone else had the go ahead for this amount of work? I don’t have any funds of my own and am on benefits.

I think you would need an Occupational Therapist assessment. Not sure about grants for this but they do agree to fund some things. Who has mentioned the lift? They would be the people to ask maybe? Sounds like major work though and they would probably say you had to contribute at least part. There is a thread on here about a through lift and that’s nearly £10,000. Sorry not to be much help but at least it’ll bump you back up! xx


Contact your local council as well, as they can provide disabled facilities grants. If you search your council’s website you’ll hopefully be able to find more about it. This website is worth exploring too -


here in north lanarkshire,the council no longer provide grants for extensions,but they would provide a through floor lift,

Hi, to apply for a DFG…disabled facilties grant, an OT has to assess you and your house and give the green light, to the Adaptations Agency, of the council.

I believe the maximum amount they give is either 25k or 30k.

I am awaiting a decision for a new wet floor and wash and dry toilet. My OT has fast tracked it and there is still a long waiting list. We will be mean tested at some point. We have no savings either. Money`s all gone on equipment and stuff for me!

Shame you dont have room for a lift. If using a stair lift becomes risky, your request, if passed, would probably be fast tracked. The time and amount of DFG may vary from one area to another.

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