Any grants for a new house?

Hi I live in a house with steps outside as well as in, also there is no toilet downstairs  therefore it is becoming the time when we need to think about moving. However theres a huge gap between what we need and what we can afford.

Is there any help out there?

Would it be possible to adapt your present home to make life easier?  Contact social services and ask for an assessment by an O.T.,or ask your GP to contact them as that can help things move faster.

They put in a downstairs loo for me which was funded through the local office rather than a grant so it was pretty quick and there was no financial assessment. They've also fitted extra rails on our stairs and landing and provided a bath board.

There's a lot they can do to help,ramps for example or a lift where possible,even outside. You'll need an assessment by an OT even if you do move,as they can advise you if any grants are available.

Hope things work out for you,xxjo

Hi, I can only echo what Brouska has said. going through DFG can take a while and be dautning, but an OT has to do a referral for you, after their assessment.

There are some council properties already kitted out for diasbled, if that`s of any interest to you.

luv Pollx