Grants for adaptions

Does anyone know if there are grants available to extend ground floor of house (extention?) for wc and bath/shower, even room for a bed?  I am finding it really difficult to climb stairs to go to the loo etc, I also often sleep on the couch as my legs are too tired to climb stairs to go to bed.

Any help/advice would be great!

keep smiling everyone

Catherine x

Hi Catherine, i think there are grants available. However, i am in Scotland and I did not manage to get any meaningful help towards building an extension to our house which sounds similar to what you want, downstairs bedroom, downstairs bathroom. My situation was complicated a bit by the fact that we also wanted to extend the kitchen and my daughter needs a bigger bedroom, but I won’t go into details of that.

The best I could get was that they would give me the cheapest thing that would help me, which would have been a thru floor lift. It was means tested and I would have had to contribute money towards something I didn’t want. It wasn’t what I wanted but you might be happy with something like this.

However, I do know that work to make a house suitable for a disabled person is vat free and at the moment we are looking into what saving can be made from that.

Sorry, I’m not much help really but I’m sure others will know more than me.


think it depends on ur council,,here in north lanarkshire,they no lonher give grants through the social work,to build extensions,stopped that 2 years ago,gthey would rather put a through floor lift in,which is probably about the same cost as a small extension ,,

how about a stair lift catherine. getting one has enabled me to keep getting upstairs for the last 5 years and it only cost 800 pounds. i now have a wheelchair upstairs as walking is now a no no.

grants are available through the council for shower rooms etc, but from my experience it takes 3 years from applying to actually getting the work done. not good for a progressive illness. so think carefully about how your illness may change in the future and incorporate this into any work you plan to have done. i say this as i had a wet room fitted when i could still walk but now i cant walk i have to leave wet room door open to use the loo as its not big enough to shut the door. not ideal if you have visitors.

if you have an OT they are the ones who can get the ball rolling. good luck



Thanks to you all for replying.

I am from Scotland too, Milngavie, East Dunbartonshire.  I never thought to see my OT re help with extension.  I really don't want a stair-lift.  This may sound daft but the aids that I have ie, walking stick, leg and foot splint, catheter etc, etc, mess with my head, i obviously know I have MS, but all this makes this disease 'real'.  It's liking filling out DLA forms etc ;  seeing these things in black and white really does bring it all home.  I suppose I live in a bubble and this makes me feel safe and any obvious aids kind of 'bursts' my bubble.  Does that make any sence ?????   Even writing this is a reminder.

thanks again for your replies.    (this has taken me ages to write, i've had to keep correcting my words-  thats what happens when i write/talk about MS, I get all flustered)

keep smiling everyone



Although there are grants in our area we were told we probably wouldn’t qualify. I’ve just used the last of my savings to have a stair lift installed. It cost £5,500 as we have a curved staircase (the rail had to made to fit our staircase although the chair itself is reconditioned, otherwise it would have been £7,500!!) but it’s already made my life so much easier. Luckily, we already have a downstairs loo.

I’m looking for an adjustable bed as well and have come across a company called Abberley Adjustable Beds whose web-site looks very good. The NHS can only provide a single hospital bed - they suggested we then buy a single bed for my husband and push them together. That idea didn’t go down well with either of us. I don’t want to feel that I’m living in an institution. Also had a quote for a paving company to alter our front path to replace the doorstep with a slope and hand rails. Busy busy busy. My in-laws have also bought me a mobility scooter which was very generous of them. I’m just about to customize it with daisy stickers! I remember an episode of Gok Wan where a teenage girl was wanting advice on how to hide her hearing aid. He said that if it was him, he’d glam it up and make a feature of it! You can’t disguise disability - at least I can’t hide mine - so I’m going to add my personality where I can, make things more enjoyable for me and others. I don’t want to be thought of as a miserable old so-and-so.


Good for you Heather !!!!  you go girl !!!

I too have a curved staircase, so i'd be in the same situ as you !!   

I wish I had your spirit ; i just wouldn't have the confidence to 'glam up' my aids,  I'm concious enough of folk staring (although they probably are not !!!) I'm paranoid of everything !

keep smiling !!

catherine x


There's a grant available (up to £10,000 iirc) where I am (Hampshire) that adds a loan at 0% interest to your mortgage that is only paid back if you sell your house.  There may be something like that where you are.

Hi I admire your attitude…its healthy and positive. Go girl. Youre like me…up and at `em, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi, I`ve had a grant for a ceiling hoist (last year). The forms stated that if you have £6k plus in the bank, then you may have to make a contribution towards the costs.

We don`t have any savings, yet the council only paid £1,800 and we were told to find the rest .£1,200 ourselves. Luckily the MS came up with the rest....kind souls. You will need the referrall from an OT.

Good luck.

luv Pollxx