downstairs toilet


This is the first time I have put a post on this site but hope someone may be able to offer some advice.Does anyone know if it is possible to get any financial help or grant of some kind to help with having a downstairs toilet put in.



Hello Sue,do you live in a private home or rented such as council housing?

Do you live in the UK?


Hi Charlie

I live in private house in N Yorkshire.I am able to manage stairs but they wear me out so thought a toilet downstairs would reduce the number of times I need to go upstairs and would be more accessable when needed in a hurry.



Hi Charlie

You can apply to your local authority for a disabled persons grant. If you have an OT

get them involved, should make it a lot easier.

Hope this helps


Hi Sue, I don’t know about help but you should be able to carry out this work vat free, since it is for a disabled person, you would have to sign the paperwork but since you have ms that should be no problem. This will save you some money. Do you have a location downstairs where a toilet could be located easily because obviously the less work involved the cheaper it should be. Cheryl:-)

Thankyou skippysprite/Pam I know but I already have a downstairs loo.

I just wanted to know is Sue lived in the UK and what type of housing she lived in so I can get the information for her.Council housing can put in a downstairs loo even build an extension to a home to house a bedroom and or even a shower room and toilet.

Im still waiting for an OT,I need a stool for the kitchen to sit at when I cook and do dishes.I also need a walker with a seat for use at home.Its all a waiting game for help isnt it?


i hoped my o/t would say yes to my request for one,but it was a no,she said the social work will only provide the minimum,ie a comode,can u not get a stair lift,they would probably agree to that,our social dont build extensions for downstairs loo etc,they would rather rip ur house to bits andd do other things,a through floor lift for example

Disabled Facilites Grant.

You will have to get hold of your Occupational Therapist.

Either Social Services or your MS nurse ( if you have one ) should point you in the right direction.

They will do a financial accessment on you before they go ahead.

And should access you to see what you need.

It’s not a speedy process but you will get there in the end.

If there is anything else you need let them know at the same time and get it all done.

Get an idea of what you want first because they can tend to say what they think you need but it may not suit you.


Hi, as someone else said, you need an assessment from an OT first.

She will advise the best option and tell you what grants to apply for.

She may suggest a stair lift, if there is enough room for one.

i have had a DFG twice. One was for door widening and t`other was for a ceiling hoist.

If your case is urgent they will fast track it for you.

Good luck.

luv Pollx