Disability aids at reasonable prices.

Can anybody help.

First, I get DLA so in theory have the money to buy these things. When I say in theory I think you all know what I mean. I’ve also got an inheritance we’ve put into premium bonds as a ‘just in case’. Actually it’s put away for our pensions.

I need a hoist or something to help me get on the toilet. Once on I can get off again but to get on I have to stand in front of it and then turn around. It’s the turning around without falling over that’s the problem. Any ideas please?


Have you tried reversing to it? I walk towards our toilet with the rollator. I then have to turn around , all the while gripping the Walker, then sit on the loo. I have a frame with arms around the toilet.

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Hi Flo,

Good advice from Poppy.

I’m sure you know but having a medical condition like MS means we don’t pay VAT saving 20%. Usually have a form to declare a medical condition.


Would something like this help?

Yes I walk to it with a frame but as I have a very weak collapsing right leg turning around is the problem. The problem with the upstairs toilet is it is a small single toilet not in a bathroom. Very tight to manoeuvre especially with a hand basin on the right as you go in.

getting out is quite easy for hubby to stand me up again.

Yes it would help. That’s an excellent link, thank you.

Yes I did know thanks.

I’ve got an old style two up two down workmans cottage. It’s very difficult for me to get around it because its success a small tight place. I love the cottage but that was way back before I got MS. It’s not an MS friendly house. Can’t even put a stairlift in because the overhang on the stairwell is too low.

There’s a kind of rotating thing you can get (also from the complete care website), but I’m not sure exactly how it would work. There’s some that are too big and bulky and require a second person. Then there’s this type of thing: Transfer Turntables - Moving & Handling : Complete Care Shop

I don’t know how safe it would be to use, it might be alright if you have a frame, stand on it, swivel then sit. Or swivel then step backwards (might be safer if it can be managed).

Just a thought. I know I’m fed up of buying new loo seats as I launch myself at them, but as a wheelchair user, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t use a turntable. You’ll need to think about whether it’s safe. Do you have an occupational therapist who you could ask?


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Yes I do have an OH and only thought of that today. The council did my care plan and we can surely get advice from them. Hubby will ring them tomorrow.