One for the boys, although it probably affects the ladies


It’s fine and sunny here in Oldham.

I’m a wheelchair user and use disabled loo’s, although this problem is’nt

confined to the loo.

How do you get you pants up.

Do you do the butock shuffle ?

They could do with a Wallace and Grommit contraption in all disabled toilets

to assit in this tricky task.

Mind you I would probably end up upside down with my undies on my head.

So how do you tackle this tricky problem ?

I know the obvious answer is help from someone.

The girlfriend helps me but has to go to work and so she’s not allways there,

besides I’m very independant and private person so the loo is a solo affair.


Hi, I am wondering how you`ve coped thus far? If you need a wheelie, then your legs will be weak and standing to collect your pants will be very risky.

I used to do mine (I`m a lady, but wear leggings all the time,) in stages, stand, sit, stand, sit…pulling the keks up a bit at a time. But this was before my legs got worse.

Nowadays I cant do it at all and need carers.

Other than that, I do wriggle with carers pulling a bit at a time.

Maybe some other fellas will offer better advice, I hope.

luv Pollx

Hi Ronin

Alas no useful advice from me, but I’d be interested to see if anyone has any good suggestions. I can stand at the moment so am generally able to pull my trousers up without too much bother. However I did have a time a few years ago where I could barely move my legs, and pulling my trousers up after the going to the loo was always a nightmare. If no one has any good ideas, it’s probably worth speaking to an occupational therapist.

Sorry I can’t help more.


Hi there,

I too am a wheelchair user and struggle with this too. I tend to use the bars in the toilet with one hand and then use other hand to pull them up. I set my wheelchair up so if I do fall it is either into the wheelchair or back onto the toilet! I can’t stand for too long so need to nail it first time.

It sounds mad and I will need help at some point but i too am v independent and am used to “controlled falls”, used to play rugby!

Just read this back and it doesn’t sound safe but for the time being it works for me. Trouser-wise I tend to roll up my trousers above the knees whilst on the toilet so you don’t have to bend down to the floor to pick them up, just to above your knees.

Good luck in your quest!

Ronin, and what exactly is wrong with wearing your pants on your head? I have been an advocate of this for a few years now. Sorry for being facietious, I do not have a solution for you, continue you loo seat shuffle. Perhaps a safety pin with string atacde to the back of you pants and the other end over your shoulder underneath your top…beware of rope burns!


lt is such a struggle - we need a ‘trap door’ in our trousers - yes Wallace and Grommit could design this. l have recently had a total hip replacement - and l am not supposed to bend forward -or lift my knee up - have to keep to 90 degree angle.

l have got very adapt with my long handled ‘gripper stick’. lt enables me to pull up my knicks and trousers/leggings - and combined with the long handled shoe horn - l can wriggle my socks on. The only problem is when l drop the damn thing and can’t bend down to pick it up. For the first week after my op l wore a simple dress that l could just pull over my head. So how about a lovely kilt for you - worn like a true scotsman of course - without any undergarments. The sporran could hold your mobile phone/remote control tv/ etc.

The idea of attaching a length of elastic with a safety pin from pants to your tshirt - might work. Similar idea to how when we were toddlers we had our mittens on elastic threaded through our sleeves so we did not lose them.