Feeling stupid - just used my rollator to transfer from wheelchair to armchair then … shoved rollator away so I could raise my feet in armchair.

Dilemma - how do I transfer from armchair back to wheelchair as I can’t now reach the rollator - stupid or what?

Have visitors at lunchtime - hope I can manage without needing loo until then!

oh what a problem!

maybe you could try one of those things that surfers use so that they dont lose their board.

carole x

Have you got a grabber? can it reach the rollator?

Oh dear, hope you`re safe.

I now have things to help and keep me safe, but still have one more problem…

if hubby goes out and i suddenly need a poo, I cant transfer to commode by myself.

Tried hoisting from wheelie to commode…nah, got in a right old pickle.

had to call elderly neighbour twice…bless her, she shuffles on here to help and needs a sit down and a coffee to recover.