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hi everyone. any advice here would be great, i spend best part of my days/nights in a rise and fall chair but do manage to get into a wheelchair for trips outside and to go to the loo. however, have had a few days whereby getting into wheelchair has been a nightmare. legs are worse than useless and the only movement is the involuntary ones. i thought about transfer boards.


i dont personally but i know of someone who does. u need to be able to slide urself approx 12" or so. saves lifting-a good idea. maybe u can try one before u decide? physio maybe?

ellie x

Hi, I`ve tried a transfer (banana) board. I found it very difficult to shuffle myself across it and then it got stuck under half of me.

Maybe it`s time to think about a hoist, eh?

I struggled for years, as i really didnt want a hoist. But I had to accept that i needed one.

An OT came and assessed me, along with a woman from the Manual Handling office.

At first i had a floor hoist…soooo heavy and hard to use. Now I have a ceiling one. I still do some transfers using my own standing strength and a patient turner. Other tranfers are made, using the hoist.

If you need any more info, please ask me, yeh?

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