Getting onto the stairlift

Hi all, My hubby has had his stairlift for a year now and the last few weeks it is getting harder for him to transfer from the wheelchair to the stairlift. His legs are just not that strong at the moment for him to swing himself into place. How have you managed this transfer?? Thanks

Hello lushcaz

I don’t personally use a stairlift but just wondering if it’s practical/possibe to use a banana board to help with transfer.

Good luck x

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i have and use stairlift. maybe banana board. but my w/chair and stairlift seat are very different heights. i guess sliding down may be ok but up depends on upper body strength… i will watch replies with interest cos its a very real potential issue for me…

take care, ellie

Thanks everyone I the chair he transfers from is lower than our stairlift seat so I think a banana board is not appropriate I will check later to make sure.

hiya again

for a while the physio gave the cares a belt to assisst them with standing me up. like a wide belt that went along base of my had loops/handles either side. think it was called a standing belt but cant be sure…


Thanks Ellie, Yes we have something similar I use for the car but it is the transferring on the seat and all because his legs cannot really hold him. The getting off is easier.


Any chance the stairlift people could alter the lift so that it comes down lower - level with his chair. OR - could a deep cushion make him sit higher up. Just thinking Caz.

Another think! Could a small step with a ramp on one side that you could get his chair on to make the seats the same level.

Got to be a way.

Stairlift folk must come across this all the time.

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