Hi all,

Hubby is finding harder to stand from his wheelchair to transfer to the car seat.

Does anyone use or know of the Beasy transfer board? I am thinking of buying him one but at £300 a bit steep.

Thanks all



I’ve not heard of one of those, but yes, three hundred quid is pretty steep! What you could try instead is a banana board, which is basically just a plank of wood shaped like a boomerang. You could pick one up for as little as £30, but if he asked to be referred to an occupational therapist, they’d be able to give him a free one, or see if there’s anything else they could provide.


Hi, I didn’t realise these existed so I’m very grateful to this post. I found a website that sells both, and from what I can see the banana board/transfer board is for users who can slide themselves along,ie. they an lift themselves up a bit and shuffle along, whereas the beasy board has a seat on a glider so it’s easier to transfer, ie. it requires less effort on the part of the user and/or helper. Not sure about the price difference, but as I don’t have much in the way of upper body strength, I’d have to go for the beasy board. Heather

We are seeing the OT on Tuesday so will mention this to her then.



Caz, Do ask the OT for help/assessment - they can provide aids to help - never offer to buy your own.

l have a revolving seat which l did buy myself - it goes onto the car seat and makes it easier to spin my legs in and out of the car. Had to get this when l had my hip replacement and could not bend my legs.

The ‘banana’ board will help with transfering - as long as the height from wheelchair to car seat is the same - you need to remove the ‘arm’ of the wheelchair to do the manoevre. The banana board will be useful elsewhere in the home as well.

Also, l did wonder if the drug Fampyra - would help with his walking - thinking of asking for it myself. There has been quite a few folk on here who have started taking it - and it has improved their walking/stamina.

Thanks Spacejacket,

Hubby’s OT has been very helpful so I know if she can she will assist. It took him about 10 mins yesterday to get in the car getting out seems easier for him.

I have a elap turnout car seat that I used to use until I got a wheelchair adapted vehicle.

Its been in the garage for 3years. It was bought with the help of the ms society.

It will cost about £100 for installation by elap in altringham. I’d love for someone else to use

out of this seat rather than throw it away.

Hi Anon,

I just had a look on their website and it looks a great idea.

Our car is a mobility car so not sure they would allow but seeing the OT on Tuesday and will dicuss.



Hi, seeing an OT is the best way to go.

I tried a banana board without success, as I cant move my bottom half myself. Plus the thing about the levels of the 2 seats being the same, was a problem, as they weren`t!

The Beasy sounds much easier…but the cost…no!

It is really kind of anon to offer the elap car seat.


I used it in a moterbility car.