Hubby Too Tall for stairlift!!!!

Hi all,

Well yesterday we had one stairlift company come to give us our first quote for a stairlift for hubby.
Well he first looked at hubby and said his tall…(6ft 1ins) He measured from his spine to knee and said 28ins and that he is tooltall for stairlifts for our stairs!!!. He said if we phone another company we must tell them this information as they may also think hubby too tall to go comfortably up our stairs…He said our staircase was a fraction narrower than most.

Has anyone here ever been told they are “Too tall”???


Hi Caz

Does your staircase have an overhang which hubby may bump his head on? If not I cannot see what the problem is. Anyway surely sitting down is less of a hazard for bumping his head than standing? And certainly less of a hazard than trying to do the stairs with mobility problems?

My dad would never manage without his stairlift. He has sarcoidosis which has left him riddled with arthritis and in constant pain. He is/was 6’ 3 - I think he has shrunk a bit since his joints have deteriorated ;-). He and mum bought the stairlift second hand and my brother fitted it for them (he is a mechanic and can turn his hand to anything technical) so they never had any specialist information but having said that it has never broken down. My brother inspects it annually for him to make sure it is not likely to fail him. At the time they fitted it, dad was fit and healthy and it was mum who needed it due to her angina but in the end they both needed it. He has never had any problems using it and would have had to move to a bungalow without it as he simply cannot do stairs now.

I hope you have some success with another company.

Tracey x

Hi Tracey,

They say our staircase is a few inches narrower than most so guess with added leg length he would touch the stairs…
I have seen the perching lifts but then he may bang his head will have to see the OT to discuss.



Hi Caz

Oh I see, that’s a tricky one, I can understand their point now. I do hope there is a solution as it must be very worrying for you.

Tracey x

Hi Caz I had a stannah stairlift fitted 2years ago and although I’m only 5’5 the sales chap did say that sometimes they have very tall people and have to have the seat going up the stairs pointing upwards instead of sideways. (Sorry not good explanation really) I’m sure if you rang them they would advise over the phone. I’m sure there will be a solution for your hubby. Good Luck Linda x

We had to have a handrail taken down as my knees touched it. I’m 5’ 8", but from my bum to my knee is quite long. There’s still the bannister should anyone need it.

Caz, Do you know anyone who has a stairlift that your hubby could try - where you could measure head height and compare it to your stairs. My OH is 5’10 and l am 5’4 - but when we sit next to one another - especially in the car - l am a good 6’’ taller then him. Which goes to show he certainly does not sit up as straight as me. So l am sure there must be a way around this. lts at the bottom of the stairs l expect they measure the head height clearance - our stairs [1940’s house] would never pass building regulations now - as they are too steep and narrow. Just measured from the first step to the overhang of the upstairs landing and it is 7’3’ - if this gives you any ideas.


Hi, we had a stairlift installed for my ma in law. The stairs have a higher than usual step on the curve and the overhang is lower than most. But ma was only 4ft 10ins, so it was okay.

When she returned to living by herself in a flat, we took the stairlift out, as it made the staircase too narrow for anyone to pass.

I have heard of many folk in our area, who have been refused a stairlift (installed by the council) due to the narrowing, and a through the floor lift was installed instead.

But they take up a lot of room.

Do you have room for one?

luv Pollx

The company were Stannah who came to measure up for hubby. We have informed our OT and she is going to have a word with someone at the council to see if anyone can shed some light on such nonsense.

Thanks all.


I’m 6’2’ and have a Stannah lift, no problem on my stairs.

Hi again,

The next few weeks we will be phoning stairlift compnaies to see if we have any better luck.

Can you recommend any companies we can call?



I had a stairlift fittedd at some exorbitant price. It was rubbish for a wheelchair user as my wife had to lift me onto it: not good for her back. Now, she is a fit, 6ft tall, fit and very strong but I worried that she might injure herself. Also, my height - 6ft 5 - meant my knees were always getting whacked, so we decided to get a lift. Wow, what a result. We had numerous quotes and all involved bulky hydraulic lifts with a massive footprint except one by cool company called Stiltz who do electric lifts. Check out their wesite. I can’t recommend them enough. My wife’s risk of injury has been solved and I can whiz up and downstairs in seconds.

Hi, shouldn`t your OT be doing this for you? Or are you self funding the stairlift?

Even so, I would think the OT could have more input/knowlegde to hand.


Hi Caz,

There are lifts on the market that have the option of a downward facing seat. As a manufacturer, Stannah don’t offer as much variety as an independent supplier can and will only advise on their own products.

What part of the UK do you live in, as I could give you details of stairlift suppliers who offer a wider range of lifts than Stannah can.