Power chairs for tall people

Hi everyone,

This is my first time posting anything in my entire life! Anyway my husband was diagnosed Oct 2014 with RRMS but has progressively and quickly declined since then leaving me to suspect its Progressive but they say it’s too early to tell. He has gone from a fit healthy man (with a job) who did everything, fixed cars,all diy in the house including plumbing, fitting kitchens, anything electric to someone who can’t even walk to the garage in our garden it’s so sad. He was ill health retired from work too. Well now he can barely get about and I think he needs a power chair or scooter. We went to a mobility shop and tried everything they had but he is just too tall. He is 6’3" and slim (lost a lot of weight). He has a long body and long legs and big feet so nothing fitted him. Just wondered if anyone else had this problem and if they know of a make that was good for tall people. Lady in the shop said he’d have to get a prescriptive one and then get a hoist fitted to the car. It’s all so expensive. We are getting alterations to the house that we have to contribute towards and we have only had our current motobility car for a year but his condition has deteriorated so much he really needs hand controls and probably WAV or hoist and alterations to our current one. Didn’t think his illness would’ve taken hold so fast! Any advice would be a help!



hi lana

so sorry to hear that your husband has been mugged viciously by this pig of a disease.

sorry for my thoughts of it being like a mugging.

but you’re just living your life and then WHAM!!!

is he on any DMD?

it is shocking that you have to pay for everything yourselves.

i have no advice to offer but can’t read a post with no replies without having to chip in my tuppence worth.

carole x

Hello Lana.

It sounds like a familiar tale to me. I assume you’re aware of all the available financial help through adult social care and DLA (PIP) etc.

I think you’ll need to persevere with looking for a scooter or chair because I have both and it enables me to live independently. The only thing I can’t do is change the bed sheets but I have a cleaner for that. I’ve just had a day out today-I was driven but I was able to potter about on my own because of my power chair.

Best wishes, Steve x

Have you spoken to wheelchair services? Your GP can refer for that. But it does usually involve a long waiting list. Even so I think it would be worth getting onto this list, as a bespoke wheelchair will most likely be needed.

I got my current electric wheelchair, which tilts and reclines and the leg rests rise too, on Motabiltiy scheme. The whole process probably took about a month. I pay £102 a month out of my DLA for it. it`s a 3 years lease.

My own disability progressed quickly too. It`s a chuff, I know, best wishes.


Me again, just had a quick google for you.

Have a look at Karmann…there`s info about chairs for taller folk.


Poll is on the ball (as usual),

I’m 6ft 2inch if I could stand and have got a w/c through Motorbility. It’s an Invacare and does everything; up; down; lays me almost flat. Obviously you can’t as you have your car; as Poll says speak to wheelchair services they will help. Also think about a WAV; speak to Motorbility; far better than the hassle of hoisting.


Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for all your support and advice. I intend to check out everything everyone has advised.