hubby stooping when pushing wheelchair - advice?

I’m learning to use a self propelled wheelchair, and went out with hubby for the first time and found that although it’s sized perfectly for me it’s making him stoop when pushing me. Not that he’s complaining, but I’m wondering if there’s any accessory I can buy to get the push handles to the right height? He’s such a peach, had me crying with laughter making out he was pushing me into walls and so on, I really want to make it as easy for him as I can. Any ideas?

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Hi, yeh I guess it will affect his back in the long run. I havent heard of anything you can buy, but why not speak to an OT or wheelchair therapist for advice.?

I`ll google the point and see if owt pops up. Will let you know.


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didnt find owt kid! sorry.


Thanks for looking, I’d had a google myself but no luck. I’m talking to the OT in a few weeks so will ask her - but there’s nothing better than asking the ms experts :slight_smile:

Did you get your chair from Wheelchair Services? If so, give them a call and ask for advice. If you didn’t get it from them, then get a referral to them so that maybe they can help. Occupational therapy should be invaluable help too. Maybe you can get your appointment brought forward a bit? The way I always think of it is that my husband has the only working back, legs, nervous system, (brain?), etc etc in our partnership. If his back is damaged by pushing the wheelchair, we’re bug*ered. I’m always concerned that he picks up the chair in the right way and does things properly.


I just googled ‘wheelcair handles’ and found some then added ‘extenders’ and found more, I think one site was activemobility,proably find them with ‘stroller’ accessories.

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I think you need to google “Wheelchair Push Handle Extensions”. Thank you to TrippySpice and Maude for suggesting this - it had never occurred to me that you could get such things.