Stairlift Mayhem

Hi all,

My husband is 6ft 1 tall and our stairs are curved minimum width 28 1/2 inches. So far three companies say we cannot get a stairlift for those measurements with him being 26 inches from back to knee they say it will be very tight.

I cannot believe that there is NOT a company that can help us. We are having to use our dining room as a bedroom at present as he just reaches the topmof our flight of 17 stairs and falls backwards usually onto me.

We cannot get a Grant and money is tight but a stairlift would be the answer to our prayers… We are not giving up.

Hi, this is a difficult time for you.

Did you get an assessment from an OT? I think that would be the best way to go. i have found OTs to be invaluable when we are facing an insurmountable problem.

I have heard about some cases where a stair lift is wanted, and the OTs have advised against it, saying a through floor lift would be a better option.

luv Pollx

Hi Polly

A through floor lift is over £10,000 too much for us I’m afraid. The OT from Social services was not much use but we also have a NHS OT who is so helpful. We have 2 more stairlift companies coming next week but we wont hold our breath.

Google ‘Flow’ Stairlifts . Neat and fit narrow stairs .

Thanks John,

It is a Thyssen flow2 which we are hoping to see will fit tomorrow. Keeping everything crossed as hubby is now downstairs only.

Oh I hope this last firm can oblige.


I do hope you get good news from this Company.

Pam x

Lushcaz Yes, Flow 2 is the one. I think you’ll find it’s the best option. Let us know what happens. John H

Well hopefully good news Hubby had a man come from ThyssenKrup and they can fit a flow2 stairlift…The downside is the price…And they wont negotiate. We will leave it till Monday and may just have to go with it…

We are a little apprehensive as Acorn said they could do it and when they arrive the engineer said the Rep had measured it wrongly and it was a No can do. Keeping everything crossed that this company has measured it right.

Have you tried minivator stairlifts - they were the only company that could provide a stairlift for my aunt when no other manufacturers would touch it. Wasn’t for MS. We used a local firm to her but they offer lots of flexibility. Hope this helps if you’ve already tried them sorry I couldn’t help anymore I understand what a difference a stairlift can make. Good luck

Lushcaz I started with Acorn and, when they came to install , it couldn’t be fitted! Flow is expensive, in my case £6k, but company offered a second hand chair (the rail is custom made) and price came down to £4700. The chair looked new! John

At last Flow 2 to be installed and it will take hubby backwards to the turn then he will face forward up to landing.

They came to do a Camera Survey which is a 2d or 3d image of the stairs to make the rail etc.

Keeping everything crossed that this time the measurements are right!!

fab, fab, fab! Persistence has certainly paid off.

Just gotta get the thing installed now.