I have requested a survey and price quote from Acorn for a stairlift. Has anyone any company recommendations for stairlifts and could you let me know the cost if you have one. I realize all stairs and therefore prices will be different.

I managed to get a grant for my stairlift through my Occpational Therapist (all I’m paying is £100). They also fitted rails in the shower, up the stairs, and in the back garden for free. Have you got an OT? If not maybe speak to your GP and see if he can refer you. It may save your a few thousand £.

Hi, I just want to echo dave…do have an assessment from an OT. If they think you need a stairlift, you would be means tested under the DFG system.

Worth a try, eh?

luv POllx

Thanks for the info about getting it through an OT. But if it’s means tested, I don’t think I’d get it.

Might still be worth checking out, eh?

luv Polllx

I made too much for means testing but my OT managed to find money for it elsewhere it’s definitely worth checking out :slight_smile: