Stairlift ?

Does anyone know or have any experience of stairlifts.

We have decided to go direct to the supplier rather than faff about with a grant and the ridiculous tie ins they demand.

Any advice appreciated. The cheaper the better.

Hopefully will save a bit of this.

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i found that a small local company is better than the large ones,and cheaper too.i got a reconditioned one from Acorn and it only lasted a few yt i later found out i could have bought a brand new one for same price.Google to find out where your local companies are.

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My experience with Acorn was not good.

Thankfully I took the extended warranty option - I reckon that it paid for the three sets of batteries in one year that had to be fitted. The best that you can say is that the Acorn modular rail makes for easy installation.
If you want the full history of ours, PM me.

Some local firms are just agents for the big ones - the good ones often have a showroom with demo installations.
If you have a straight stair with a level landing at the top, any of the makes will be cheaper if you haggle.
If you need a curved lift, haggle very hard indeed, 'cos it will still cost you.

Geoff (who was relieved to drive away, and leave the Acorn behind)

Found this on stairlifts.