Stairlift recommendations please

Hi there, can anyone recommend a good single rail stairlift company. We have seen stannah and acorn.

Google Flow Stairlifts. Having made a big mistake with Acorn, i carefully researched the market and installed a Flow Stairlift. Neatly installed, even in my staircase which has two tight bends. My rail (actually a tube) was installed in the inside of the curves and doesn’t take much space off the treads.

l looked up Flow Stairlifts - be worth asking them for a quote - always ‘barter’ - as there are many companies doing lifts you can play one off on an another. l have had two Stannahs - both secondhand - but looked brand new. The first l had for 20yrs - and replaced it when we had the house extended 6yrs ago. lt was still working well - and no doubt has been re-conditioned and sold on. l used a family firm - who dealt in different makes. So no hard sell as you get with a single manufacturer.

As you have a curved staircase - l think you could expect to pay £2750 - so hold out. My straight rail lift was £800. Have any of the ‘charities’ or social services/ot offered any help with the cost?

And makesure that your hubby is able to get on and off the stair lift safely on his own.

Thanks all…After back and forward got Acorn down from £5400 to £3500… They install Tuesday I will be home with hubby. Lets hope it was measured properly and all works

You did really well getting the price down. Have a go at bartering for a better guarantee/warranty and annual service.

Fingers crossed that it all goes well. Now don’t pay a penny until it is installed and working properly.