Stairlift impartial advice

Any one know where I can look on web for impartial advice on starlifts? I’m suspicious that google search sends up direct link to companies. Also, should I get an OT assessment? I’m unlikely to quality for LA funding. My parents are also thinking of getting one in their house for me to use when I visit (fairly occassional) and for my Dad’s future use as he has been diagnosed with Parkinsons - they probably would qualify for LA funding - would they get support?


ot assessment would be a good start i think-they can advise re the various ones-i didnt realise there was so much choice!

ellie x

See my post a few weeks ago. I tried Acorn Stairlifts and was appalled by their pushy and unprofessional pressure sales approach. I had four calls from them offering reductions for booking on the spot and for a certain day and they did not stop when I was very cross with them!. Stannah were better but by far the best was Dolphin. They are independent and sell lots of makes. Theirs was the only company that sent an engineer not a salesman. he assessed me down to how I get up and down from a seat, how my fingers are with controls etc. I have a stannah lift on order from them but over a thousand pounds cheaper than stannah were. Oh and no hard sell at all - breath of fresh air.

Hi, I definitely think you should be assessed by an OT. You never know, you may be eligible for some money towards the cost.

It would come under DFG…disabled facilities grant and is means tested. Not too painful and worth a try I reckon.

luv Pollx

I think waiting times for DFG assessmenets vary considerably - in Surrey I rang Social Services and was told ten months for assessment. Too long to crawl up the stairs for! Suggest you ring your relevant local authority and ask for which ever team administers facilities grants and ask how long. There is a financial threshold for savings - over that amount and you have to make a contribution. Suggest you check it out to help inform your decision.