Through the floor lifts

l have a friend with MS - she lives near Shipley Yorkshire. She needs a ‘through the floor’ lift installed and rang to ask me if l knew of any good reliable companies that install them.

So if any of you with one of these lifts can help - l would be very grateful as l would like to help her. She would really like to move house - get a bungalow - but her OH is dead against it. She is too ill to even use a computer - so can’t ‘google’ for herself.

So many thanks in advance - if anyone can offer advice so l can pass it on to her. lt would give her something to look forward to.


Hi Frances. I think an assessment from an OT would be useful to her. it would entail a lot of structural work and be expensive too.

Even if someone pays for a diasabled item themselves, OTs would know who to use and what to go for.

I have a buddy here who lives in that area. It comes under Bradford council.

luv Pollx