Through Floor Lift

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me if they have a through floor lift and if so does it help. Had occupational therapist in today and she suggested one.




Hi, I dont have one myself but a friend of mine has- it goes from her living room up to her bedroom above- it has made a great difference to her independance around the house as she uses a wheelchair most of the time and she is not having to try to move to a stair lift.when she is down stairs you wouldnt even know it was there as its elevated so they dont lose any space- i would definatly get one if I needed one-

Good Luck with it

BC x

hi cindy

yes I have a vertical lift, it can accomodate a wheelchair if I need it gulp that frightened me, as my OT is thinking of the future

thats not the only thing has been done, I have a wetroom, 5 doors have been widened to accomodate a wheelchair,

does it help hell yes!!! its good for taking flat pack furnature as well lol, plus when I broke my rib the ambulance men both wanted to take me down in it but only one could, the one who had to take the stairs was gutted, the one who went down the lift with me he said everyone should have one installed,

its a big messy job but worth the end product.

Al x

Thank you very nmuch that info is very helpful


Hi Cindy,

I work for 1st Choice Stairlifts and can say that our company have installed several through floor lifts and they have proven very reliable and user-friendly. We even have one in our showroom which I have used many times.

If you are looking to get one and you are still unsure whether it is right for you, I would recommend finding a showroom that has one so you can try it yourself. You can find out more information about through floor lifts on our website here.

Our showroom is in Calne, Wiltshire - If you would like to try a through-floor lift out, you can find directions to our showroom at the bottom of the webpage here.

If this is not local to you, you can give us a call for free on 08000 19 22 10 and we may be able to help find an alternative dealer nearer to you.

May I wish you the best of luck in your search.


…very timely post…we have an engineer coming at 13.30hrs to see if one could could be installed in our home, it’s quite small you see, I certainly hope so.


Hi, I see you have received many good replies, which will also help anyone else who is considering a lift. Hope all goes well for you.

Better than having to move house, eh?

luv POllx

Hi, would you happen to know the brand ?