Home Lifts

Has anyone had a lift installed? If so, what was your experience of the companies that advised you? I cannot decided whether to have a ‘through floor’ or platform lift with shaft. I’ve looked into funding but alas I don’t meet the criteria, . Thank you in advance for sharing your experience, .


We had a through floor lift fitted in 2015 by Wessex Lifts, I think most companies are roughly the same, the quotes we had were within a few pounds of each other, I don’t know what we would do without it now, they are quite expensive ours was £8,000 and then of course there’s the insurance but as I said well worth it, have no experience of the other type of lifts. Hope this helps.

Our through floor is a pollock one makes life easier I couldnt do a stairlift anymore. Ours is big enough for my electric wheelchair I dont know what it cost, it was lumped in with other work and charged against the house.