Thru-Floor Lift

Hi, Had a quote for a thru-floor lift. It came in at £9,969 but that also includes a bit of building work, knocking 2 bedrooms into 1, re-siting light switches etc. It doesn’t include the cost of moving our son into a different bedroom or re-decorating the landing and knocked-through bedroom. :frowning: My husband asked how much it would cost to take the lift out again. They said about £800. Not sure hubby will want to spend the money as I don’t think he sees it as a long-term solution. I’m progressing quite fast at the moment. He probably expects me to bedridden, in a nursing home or hospice in a year or so. Just thought others might be interested in the quote. Heather

Hi Heather, I think I wouldve guessed it cost more than under 10k. So its not bad.

Sounds odd that your hubby would ask about removing it, well before it was even installed and used.

How do you feel about his long term views?

I am fairly well along the line of disability and care needs, but my hubby`s not thinking about re-homing me…I think!

What aids do you already have in your house?

I have 2 ceiling hoists, profiling bed, recliner chair, wet room, shower/commode chair, ramped access into house.

We are 65 and 61 now. I have told our daughters that if hubby goes first, I would like to live in an adapted council flat. If I go first, no problem!

luv Pollx

I’ve no idea about the price of thru-floor lifts Heather but Poll seems to think its a good price. I too am wondering why your husband is asking about the cost of taking it out before its even gone in. Your condition may stabilise surely…that’s my limited understanding. Its seems a good idea to me if you can afford it. I saw one on that new series of “the big build”…I think its called, on BBC…it looked very good. All the best to you and your family Heather, hope you make the right decision PS; I use to work in a hospice. The only time I looked after people with Multiple Sclerosis is when they came in for respite care…just to give their family a break.

Hi heather, an ot wanted to install a thru floor lift for me about 12 years, she wanted me to pay a quarter of the cost and it would be about £2,500, and they paid the rest, so if they the other three quarters, that priced the lift at about £10,000. I didn’t want a thru floor lift because I was still not too bad with the stairs and if anything would have preferred a stair lift but neither of these things were that much of an issue because we always intended to build a extension which gave me a downstairs bedroom and wet room and we eventually did this. Back to your cost, that sounds very reasonable, taking into account your other work and a bit of inflation from my 12 year old quote. I’m not sure I’d read much into your hubby asking about the cost of taking it out tbh, he’s probably just covering all eventualities and maybe thinking about potential value of your house. On a similar theme when we built the extension, we sectioned off a bit for a utility room and I asked the builder how easy it would be to take away the utility room in future if we wanted to, I was just thinking about the future value of your house iyswim. Cheryl:-)