Advice re internal Lifts

Hello. I was diagnosed in 2000 with RRMS. This year however, it was confirmed I now have SPMS. Things lately have been pretty rotten to put it mildly. Having fallen downstairs a couple of times, my husband is keen to get a small internal lift (elevator) installed in our two-storey home. (Our stairs not being appropriate for a stairlift device unfortunately). My questions therefore are: (1) is this a viable option? (2) does anyone know of a company that makes/installs such internal, one person, lifts for private homes in Northern Ireland? and (3) how much such a device might cost? Any advice would be welcomed. Thanks.

i’ll be watching this thread because a friend in her eighties has been quoted thousands for a stair lift which is way above her means.

hope you get a decent quote

carole x

stair lifts are not usually thought the right way to go, when an OT does an assessment…mainly because someone who can get onto a stairlfit safely now, may not be able to a few years down the line.

Yes, stairlifts do cost a lot…we had one put in for m-i-l and it cost 4k!!!

Lifts need a lot more room and an OTs advice would be best sought, as salesmen tend to not think of our future needs.

Can you get disabled facility grants where you live? check that out with your council.


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i agree with pol. i looked into this but even ‘small’ lifts take up so much room.