Domestic lifts

Can someone give me a ballpark figure for the cost of a lift installed in the home, to go up one floor. Either a wheelchair lift or one to carry a person on their feet.

I realise all costs will vary depending of the lift, the home and the installation. I simply want an idea of the price range.

Thanks in advance

Jan x

There are stairlifts and thru floor lifts

I realise the choice is going to be down to a number of factors - the mobility of the person involved, can they stand? the house itself - whether its feasible from a structural point of view. And cost. I imagine the cost of a thru floor lify is a bit more, needing a bit of upheaval on the rest of household.

I wonder whether it’s cheaper to move to a bungalow?

Obviously people are all different and circumstances might preclude it. But life in a house in which everything is accessible is great. (Apart from the spare room because the carpets too thick, but that gives Mr Sssue a junk room!)


Thanks for replying, a friend messaged and said roughly 10 thousand for a through floor lift. I’m not even sure it’s feasible for what I’m thinking about.

Jan x

I’m in a Bungalow but looking to move to something a little roomier. A couple I’ve looked at have loft rooms and I’m wondering if a lift to a loft room is feasible and if the cost would rule it out. Looks like it would.

Im looking at all options, if I had thought things through properly six years ago when I first moved to a Bungalow I wouldn’t be moving again :-))

Thanks for replying

Jan x

A bigger bungalow?

Yes a bigger Bungalow, I could extend mine though I think moving would be cheaper and less stressful.

Jan x