Move from bungalow

I have a one bedroomed adapted bungalow ha, but level access is a sore point,unfit for purpose lift,so managing when feel well enough to get out with assistance down two steps but would like some independence and freedom,especially as nowhere near amenities,a mile to shops.I am at top of housing list for transfer to a two bedroomed as I need 24 hour assistance from my carer.There is a great shortage of disabled homes in my area and there are a couple of flats I have a chance of successfully bidding for.The one is on first floor of a block of 4 flatsa nice area,space for a scooter,ramp into communal door,and a stairlift/chairlift serving the two upstairs flats.As I have such restricted mobility but get out in fresh air as much as possible,I am thinking this property would suit but have such brain fog at present I thought you may be able to advise please as the dream bungalow is unlikely to come up?I would feel so much better accessing local places. There is also a terracedhouse with a through floor lift and small ramp access available to bid on too.What would you do if you use a wheelchair/scooter.

Hi Anon, I think the flat sounds good.

Is there power socket in the area for scooter, and is the area secure?

Would you be able to speak to the tenant in the other first floor flat to see if they get on with it ok… ie that the stairlift doesn’t break down or if it does that it’s fixed quickly?

I think being near shops etc is VITAL when disabled. Even half an hour round the shops can make you feel so much less isolated and part of the world.

Don’t think the house sounds such a good idea as you would spend much time using the stair lift… on other hand you would have a garden.

Perhaps visit the flat and take someone along with you for another opinion, and knock on door of other tenant to ask questions and see if you like them as living quite close together.

Good luck with it… oh yes waiting for the dream bungalow might keep you in the same place for years. Best to be practical and ‘compromise’ (as they’re always saying on property programmes… LOL…)

Pat x

Thanks Pat,You are so right,to be able to access the villlage yards up road would be so beneficial to my health,I think it may be okay.Great to have your valued opinion. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

You are very welcome.

When I moved I could have waited a bit and have a flat in a quiet residential area that looked over a lovely big garden. Because I was in a hurry though I took the first flat available which looks out over street and is very near busy shopping area.

I’m glad I did. Being close to the shops, people, cafe’s, etc etc is much more important!

Pat x

Hi, I currently live in a bungalow, which hubby has adapted for me. But if I didnt have him (perish the thought), I wouldnt want to live here alone…actually I need a carer too, most of the time, but I have thought I`d like a ground floor flat, in town. If I lived on an upper level, I would be stuck if the lift broke down. and am a full time user.

We live about a 10 min ride to shops…by car. I dont drive, but have scooter and wheelchair

As Pat says, why not visit both properties to get a better feel for the places?

Moving house will be a big task, so you need to make the right move.

Sounds like you need to make your mind up quickly, so good luck.

luv Poll.

Thanks Poll,I have bid on both properties but so wish a bungalow was in sight,stressful if chairlift breaks down,need door to door wheelie access but no help from anywhere,who cares? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx