Need to move into a bungalow but not sure how

can anyone give me any advice .my ms is getting worse and i find it really hard to manage the stairs in our home.we need to move into a bungalow but we don,t see a way too.our house is a typical three bed semi owned outright.the problem is we would never get a loan for a new house as we have no income other then my benefits plus we have no i don,t know how to sell this house and buy a bungalow at the same time.both myself and my husband arn,t getting any younger and both of us have health problems a bungalow would help us so much.does anyone have any ideas how we could move .

thankyou xx

You either need to find a bungalow for a lower selling price than you will get for your house (this is not easy, though, as bungalows always seem to be so expensive), or sell up and rent.

Sorry, but I can’t see any other alternatives.

l know that companies like McCarthy&Stone who build apartments for ‘over 50’s’ - will let you buy one of their apartments - some are groundfloor - and sell your house for you. My daughter recently bought a house that belonged to a lady who had moved into one of these types of development - and all the moving hassle was taken away by them selling for you . They can’t be the only companies that do it. l think that new developments sometimes offer this benefit. As you own your house outright - then this should make it easier.

l have a stairlift - had one for 25yrs. Without it l would have to sleep downstairs. Would a stairlift help you.

Do you see a Occupational Therapist - they might help with adapting your home to better suit you. Or put you in touch with the local council to see if they have bungalows or ground floor flats available. Even if you get a bungalow - you still need to make sure it has disabled access - doorways wide enough for a wheelchair - walk in shower etc.

Hope you find something soon.

Hi I agree with Frances (spacejacket). Rather than try to find a bungalow, why not ask for an assessment from an Occupational Therapist?

I have used this service several times. These bods do a marvelous job. They have all sorts of ideas that we never think of.

This could just be the answer you need.

Dont worry about costs, as if you have no savings you`ll be helped.

Give Social Services a call to get the ball rolling.

luv Pollx

I was in exactly this position two years ago.

I had a mortgage but couldn’t get another due to being on benefits. I didn’t have anywhere near enough equity to buy a bungalow.

I had an OT out but they would not do any work on my house (quite rightly) because the access was so bad. I badly needed to use a w/chair but it just wasn’t possible.

With not much confidence I applied to the local council. I was assessed and given top priority because of my medical needs and the unsuitability of my home. I began “bidding” (expressing an interest) in bungalows and ground floor flats. I was offered a bungalow after just 7 weeks!

When I went to look at the bungalow a surveyor and OT came too. They put in a wet room, kitchen with w/chair accessible units, widened doors and knocked down walls, put in ramps and a shed for my scooter.

The bungalow was pretty grotty at first but paint, wallpaper and new carpets plus a lot of elbow grease from my daughter got it sparkling. I have been here almost 2 years now and constantly thank my lucky stars that I don’t have steps to climb (or maintenance to worry about)

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Hi, your`s is such a positive post, which will give others hope for finding suitable accommodation, when they feel stuck!

luv Pollx

l was wondering if any of the replies have helped you. From reading other ‘threads’ - are you getting all the benefits you are entitled to. l think many of us do not claim - or do not know how to - what we should be getting. l am now 65 - and have been told my ‘severe disablement’ benefit will be stopped when l claim my state pension. l have deferred claiming it as l was told it would be worth more if l waited. l get the high rate mobility - but low rate personal care which l should have done something about as l need constant care. l have down-loaded the claim form for attendance allowance and have started ‘ploughing’ through the pile of documents - not easy when it is hard to concentrate. They do not make anything easy for us - even the forms for a Blue Badge are like sitting your A levels. The thing to remember is always answer as if it is one of your really bad days - at least that it the advice l have received. is one site - also you can join benefitsandwork - which costs £20 per annum - l have not done this yet - but l think it would be a good move. l have yet to find out if my OH is entitled to carers allowance - as he does have to look after me 24/7.

l know its not what we want to admit - but as we get older are health problems will get worse. MS is progressive and so is ‘old age’. l find it difficult to admit how ‘disabled’ l am - which does not help. But do get a OT to come and assess your situation - and don’t hold back!!

Hi all, I am in the UK and I am having to move from a 3 bed house into a one bed bungalow, has anyone any advice on how to do this successfully. i.e. deleting the clutter before hand and fitting everything in that needs to be fitted in. Also advice on any grants available for carpets etc., Thanks

I’m not replying to mistymoo original thread cuz its quite old now.

So this is for youlookwelltoday. Advice on de-cluttering. Start now. Be brutal. Have you worn it, used it, read it, in the last 5 years? No, out it goes. Furniture can be down sized. You probably won’t need so much. Get a friend or family to go with and measure up. Better to do that than have no room to move. I’ve just moved with partner to a 2 bed bungalow. But one bedroom is a room for dialysis JUST that. So our storage is 2 cupboards, the shed and a storage container I bought for £50 on FB.

Theres a lot of garden stuff in the container and shed!! But knowing partner would bring stuff, we had to be radical!

His parents recently moved to a bungalow, from a family home they lived in for 40 years. They never threw ANYTHING away. they had a packing service who packed any and everything and did not downsize - despite advice! When we visited, they’d been there 6 months - boxes were 3 high and 4 deep in some rooms. And its a spacious bungalow. Where’s the xxx (blender/forks/scales)? Oh in a box somewhere… Believe me, that got not funny after 48 hours.

Only you can decide what goes and stays but don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends.

Oh poo i just sat and typed an answer to mistymoo i forget to look at dates. Its so annoying lol.


You have to be BRUTAL. I have just recently moved from a 3 bed to a 1 bed flat.

I did it too.

so start in kitchen. How many plates, cups and knives and forks do you need? I kept the bare minimum and one nice set for visitors which is still in a box lol. The rest all went to charity and i havent run out yet.

BEDROOM. How many duvet covers and sheets do you really need. I kept one and one spare and the rest went to charity and family.

Towels, out i just kept 4.

TRINKETS. Unless of real sentimental value, they were gone. To be honest dusting is now a joy lol.

books and things, i didnt have any but why have books when you can have a kindle, OUT lol.

Pots and pans…gone. You could have a car boot sale and make some money.

CLOTHES. omg i had no idea i had so many. not worn it, gone.

I am proud to say i got all my stuff in the flat. even my pictures i love, as i had shelves put up for them.

furniture well sadly my very large 3 seater recliner had to go it was 7foot. I managed temporarily to buy a small 2 seater recliner for 60.00 and a chair which fits perfect. I got a nice cabinet, and coffee table with drawers in the sitting room. My sitting room is tiny but I have enough seats for me, my dog and 3 visitors.

If you are downsizing through the council they should offer you 2,000 to move.

Ring adult social services and they will advise you of grants available.

good luck its fun actually the amount of stuff i got rid of but most of the nice stuff went to family.

but you know what its just stuff and i havent missed any of it.

oh yeh i bought a 4 drawer bed so i have massives of storage under the bed.

Hi, I have a 3 bed semi owned outright. And it was about 9 years ago the OT cane around and the local council gave me a stair lift it was means tested but I only paid £700 the rest which was £5350 was paid by the local authority it is serviced every year. Really a life saver. Bungalows are rare around my area. Good luck Kielyn

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I am starting to thin the house out and found a lovely removal company that are being very helpful, their suggestion is to just get out everything that I need to take with me and the rest sort out after, they are doing a full packing and unpacking service and I don’t want to take anything that I am then going to throw out, I am more worried about where I am going to store my mobility scooter and wheelchair

I have bought a sofa with storage and my bed also has a couple of drawers so that will help

Sadly I am in private rent and it’s not possible to have a stair lift, OT have recommended a one bedroom bungalow and I have been offered one, it’s not ready until Mid May, I have also applied to a Housing Association and they recommended a two bedroom bungalow so I am hoping something comes up with them before May.