Gonna need a wheel chair soon

I do think I am gonna need a wheel chair scooter or rollator soon I had gone to my new bungalow yesterday to takedelivery of my new kitchen things, it is a fairly long path from the drive to my bungalow and I had to take about 3 trips to get things from my car on the final trip after I had locked the door my feet just gave way and I fell over I then struggled to stand up again even with my walking stick

2 neighbours saw I was struggling and came to pick me up and guide me back to my car safely bringing my stick and other things I had dropped with them and putting therm back in the car

At least I know that my new neighbours are really nice and helpful

Sorry to hear about your fall.

Do you have a Physio or OT? They should be able to source a rollator for you.

I have a 4 wheeled one with a seat, so I can rest when tired.

The seat is also useful as a tray to carry things from room to room and there is a bag under the seat which is also useful.

It is also easy to put on the back seat of a car.

yeah I do have an O/T gotta wait till tues before I can talk to him

make sure your wheelchair is self propelled the OT organised one for me that needed pushing I luv my zimmmer and the electric scooter is fab Good luck on Tuesday with OT

i am in the same boat, didnt know you could get a self propelled one thsans will ask when they come to fit me up, i also feel your pain as i say mind still working but body not


Hi, good to hear you`ve moved in to your new gaff.

I imagine you had to use a lot more energy than the usual daily stuff.

it probably is what caused the fall. But how comforting to know you have helpful neighbours.

I got a rollator from an OT.

If you do get a wheelchair, make sure it will fit into your lovely new car.

Whens the bungalow warming? Well all turn up with a variety of mobility aids and try each others` out…bit different to the usual bash, eh?

luv Pollx