Help! Floor to Chair

Hello everyone, I need some help. I have SPMS, when I transfer from chair to toilet/bed/non wheelchair I sometimes fall onto the floor. I don’t injure myself except my pride. As I don’t have much strength to pull myself up to get back up. I’m looking for something small I could sit on that would lift me up to get back on chair,bed etc. My flat is small and can’t use the Mangor air lift my OT gave me. Is there a small electric seat that could help ? Anyone heard of anything like that or do I have to design it myself? Look forward to hearing positive responses. Ella.

I think this is one you might be able to get designed for you. There is a charity called Remap where engineers (mostly retired) will come to your home and design something to help you. Definitely worth getting in touch with them to ask for help - sounds like just the kind of thing they do. The website is

That is just so brilliant.


One of the oldest charities in the country, but not very widely known. I had a guy come and design a system (straps) to attach my walker to the back of my scooter. All free.


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After many, many falls and total fedupness…I succumbed to being hoisted…had to happen at some point!

You take care now, y’ hear?


I saw a Physiotherapist recently who gave me some tips to use if the same happened to me. The tips included using books for instance to pull yourself backwards on to one at a time, then slip another on top of it the first while you’re sitting on it then, keep adding height to the pile under you until you’re up high enough to get back on to the bed or wheelchair etc. Obviously not everyone has books ready to use everywhere. So may I suggest seeking the advice of a Physiotherapist if you can. I hope you find an answer. Jacqueline

Mmmm, the books idea worries me…it doesn’t sound a safe way as they could move…no stability. Unless it’s been tried and tested, I wouldn’t trust it.


I’m just trying to figure out how you’d get for eg book number 10 under your bottom safely. Surely, if you could do that, standing up wouldn’t be such a big problem?

Not trying to trash your physios’ idea jacq, but it isn’t an idea that sounds very practical. Just imagining falling off the pile and starting again. And again, etc.


When I fell (again) last week my 10 year old granddaughter was in the next room. I got her to fetch me the smallest of a nest of coffee tables. Thankfully it’s a sturdy, chunky one and I was able to use it to lean on at first, then manage to push it behind my thigh and, eventually, get my left buttock onto it. Sorted! Now if I could only have one of them in every room!

When I watched the Physio. demonstrate how it worked it looked like a great idea to me, luckily I haven’t had to try it. I should have mentioned in my post that she said to only use enough books (sort of like a stepping stone), to get yourself up high enough to be able to hold on to something more stable. Then from there manoeuvre yourself back to where you fell from.

Thanks for your input, it made me think more about what I’d heard and said.

Jacq x

Hi Sue

Thanks for replying to my post, please check out my reply to Poll which explains more about my original post. It would be frustrating if the books fell, leaving you in the same position and having to start over again and maybe again.

Jacqueline x

That sounds like almost ideal (if you had one in every room, and someone to bring it to you!)


Something I often do if I fall and struggle to get back up, is to crawl to the bottom of the staircase then pull myself backwards up on to the first step, then the next till my legs are straight enough to stand, then use the bannister to support my weight till i’m upright. Then I have to find a way of walking (while supported) back to sitting in a chair with my rollator beside me. I then have to sit for a while until I recover! Obviously a staircase is needed for the above to be used.

Not for everyone but, it works for me.


Now that sounds like it would be a really good way of getting up, so long as you’re near enough the stairs that is. Wouldn’t work for me though. I live in a bungalow


I used to do that all the time when we had stairs but now live in a flat. We have a lowish sofa so I sort of swim to the sofa and pull myself up on that. The last time was about 3 weeks ago and the whole procedure took about half an hour and I was knackered. God knows what it looked like if anyone was looking in the window. Think beached whale!

Mags xx

Hi Mags

I often think the same (i.e. beached whale) about me, I wish someone would come to help me when I’m on the floor, then I realise what I must look like and hope no-one does. I’d rather struggle than let someone see me like that!

Jacqueline x

We live in an old converted farm cottage, there wasn’t an upstairs when it was built. Luckily the lower half of the building isn’t too big and the stair is sort of central to the house so, it isn’t too far to have to crawl to reach it.

Jacqueline x