Need help-cant get up and move etc


Has anybody any advice or suggestions for me please.

I have RRMS now SPMS. I used to walk with crutches but over time that changed to using a wheelchair. Things started to deteriorate with my strength and stiffness. Getting up from a chair to use a walker became more and more difficult, getting off the toilet was difficult and sometimes my legs would go from me at the sink.

As time went by and after BOTOX in my muscles I could not get up so started dragging myself to the downstairs toilet but could not get up to use it.

Things are bad. I cant get in my car, get to bed, go shopping. Anyway I am hopeful you fellow MSers can suggest some exercises to strengthen my core, balance and strength and help me get back to where I was. I know I have made things worse on the floor but my MS nurse and physio have given me no help.

Thank you and Merry Christmas.