Full time wheelie query

I have just taken delivery of a powered wheelchair as I am struggling to walk more then a couple of steps before I need to rest on the rollator.

My question is - once I “give in” to full time sitting, how will I manage to use the toilet?

I would also appreciate reassurance if there is anyone out there who has used a wheelchair for years, but still has the ability to stand.

Hi anon

I’ve been using a manual wheelchair for nearly 8 years and can still stand & walk a little without much bother. Even when I’ve had a relapse that’s affected my legs I can still transfer to the toilet without needing to stand. I’ve got a raised seat which goes over the toilet which has grab rails, so I can hold on to that for support if I need to.

It might be worth asking to be referred to an occupational therapist, as they can advise on things like this. They can provide things like the toilet seat.

Hope that helps


I’ve been a wheelchair user for about 34 years. Ten years ago I had a leg amputated owing to MRSA but up to then I could walk a little and stand.

Never think you are ‘giving in’ more you use the chair to enable you to do what you want to do.

Something just crawled over my grave. I used the wheelchair in work at Heathrow in Baggage Tracing and sometimes went around the carousels to pick up light pieces and take them back to our office for registering.

The day the bomb went off in Terminal 2 I changed shifts with the person who brought the bag back to the office. That bomb may have gone off on my lap if I had not changed; shudder to think.

Anyway back on track your OT will get a handrail fitted in your bathroom and you will soon learn YOUR way to get on and off.

One thing do not have one of those flimsy toilet seats; get a nice solid wooden one bolted on.


PS My avatar is not me with a prison number; it’s me with a picture taken to do the knowledge.

Hi I don’t know if this helps anyone but you can buy toilet plinths to raise your toilet I think they are about £40 from a well known internet auction site. Only thing is you have to choose a toilet that fits, so they are for more traditional ones not fashionable.

Hi Anon, ask youe OT about a banana board they are a life saver. You use the for transferring from the wheelchair to the toilet or to the car. It is a brilliant invention whether you can stand or not. Good Luck x

hiya I have been using a wheelchair …maual for about 12 yrs…but having arm probs now so am lookingat electric alternatives for in the house. it is inevitable that you will loose some of the mobility you have but if you can do a little standing ech day either supported or using a standing frame it would be good…for circulation and your kidneys too. your ot should be able to advise on this. also re adaptations re bathroom toilet etc…ramps . Inhave only been trying standing last couple of yrs and find it very painful in lower thorasic spine/ limber back. ensure that the seat angle for chair is ergonomically designed to keep your pelvis ina good postural position. it’s not easy if you want to find a balance between walking and using the chair and also standing but your ot can advise on things to do…but am sure you will find solutions that will work for you…and that what is important…the benefits of using a chair…there are many and energy levels and pain can be reduced also…so it’s a question of swapping some things for posiiive benefits in the long run. hope this helps in ssome way…it is also importantbtomhave regular assessments once using the chair…and physio can advise too e