Advice re wheelchair use please

I use a wheelchair whenever I leave the house.

However, I am really struggling to walk or even stand indoors and am wondering at what point should I make the decision to take to my wheelchair indoors as well.

Any advice welcome.


Not sure what advice I can give as I find myself in the same situation. Can your home accommodate a wheelchair - mine doesn’t (especially upstairs). I have looked into adapting but this is too expensive. This would be the obvious solution or moving (which I don’t want to do - yet).

I think if it helps to conserve any energy and helps you get from a to b then perhaps it is time, but only you can decide.

Sorry - reading back - this is not much help. PM me if you want to discuss.

Take care

Jody x


I’m almost at this stage too so I’ve decided not to decide! I walk when I can and ride when I can’t.

If I were to go full time wheelie, the house (especially the kitchen) needs some reorganization so I’m using that as an excuse at the moment. I would be sad to loose my little bit of indoor mobility but if it starts to get too difficult (or too dangerous) then I will go for the chair.


I am worried about things such as using the toilet and pulling up underwear if my legs become too weak to stand as a consequence of 100% wheelchair use.

Although, if I am honest, i am struggling with picking my leg up enough to walk from one room to another now.

I reckon a time will come when as usual the MS will force a compromise.'Praps you could walk about each day until you are knackered and it makes sense to use the chair.I can’t walk,but was fine using a wheelchair/trolley thing I made for use in my titchy flat.I’ve got Carpal Tunnel in my left wrist as well as a dose of MS lovliness, so the trolley was becoming increasingly difficult to use so I bought a Shoprider Malaga powerchair.I’ve known for years I’d need one,so recently got ‘Davros’ for a very good price.

The plan was to trolley in the mornings,play out on the Big Buggy,get back then trolley until Davros called.Things are bad, so I’m on Davros all day and nip out on it for coffee+cigarettes.My Fizzio exercises for standing to transfer, are standing to transfer. At present I only have the energy to do the bare minimum, but, "That’s the way the mop flops’. If I hadn’t had the cash ready for Davros, I dread to think of how bad things would be.

I think the moral of the waffle is that your body will tell you when things need to change.

Good luck,


Hi buddy!

Well now, I am a great advocate of the wheelchair!

Yes, I know the thought of having no mobility at all, is a terrible one to some folk.

But I have been through all the stages of walking with a shuffle, tripping or stumbling, falling flat on my face and getting some nasty injuries.

I`ve been a full time wheelie for around 9 years now. But I do still have some standing strength, which I am desperatly trying to hold on to. I use this for transfers to the loo, with the use of a patient turner. I do need hubby or carer to help. It cant be done alone. Other tranfers are done via a ceiling hoist. I have 1 in the bedroom and 1 in the lounge. I resisted having a hoist for a long time. But accidents were happening too often. I had to sucuumb.

Also when i go out, I have 2 carers who help me and it is a dodgy manoevre…not always successful either! have you seen my recent posts about Changing Places loos? They have hoists!

If you`d like any more info on how I do things, pleae feel free to pm me.

luv Pollx

I have been given a electric chair from the NHS to use indoors as I tend to fall in the evenings and have to call for the ambulance. I have used it a few times but it is to big to use all the time as I catch the doors especially the kitchen door. I can use the chair outdoors, but cannot get it out due to steps awaiting a ramp. If you get in touch with physio or ot you my get one on the NHS Good luck

Hi, I kept banging my knees and feet when going through doorways, in my NHS indoor leccy chair.

I called in an OT and she quickly ordered the doorways to be widened for me.

Can you ask for the same?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll,I wonder how much it cost and how much hassle to widen your doors when they could have got a thing like mine for cost price.Doors are a real nuisance and the only inside one I’ve stiil got is the bathroom and it is very rare for a Lady to use it.The ex wife and my friend don’t bother,if they need to use it and just keep talking at me.

Wb x

Hi, we have had 3 doors removed and the doorways widened. The council only did one and hubby did the others. It wasn`t a big job and didnt cost a lot. He also widened the bathroom doorway and made a sliding door.

Our bungalow was built in the 60s and hence doorways and hallway are quite narrow.

I couldnt have got a narrower wheelie via NHS. I still bang skirtings and my feet!

I`d love to live in an open plan place. Hubby says I am doing that, millimetres at a time!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, are we talking Boudica?

Wb x

Yep! You got it!

luv Boudica…should I change my name?

You’re welcome young lady.Any of the girls changing to Lady Godiva,or is it still a bit nippy for that ?

Wb x