Wheelchair Advice Please

Hi all,

I'm thinking of getting a wheelchair to help on holidays and days out. I do take advantage of mobility scooters / wheelchairs at the shopping centre / museum etc when available but because the distance I can walk has declined I want to be sure I've got the mobility support I need.

I've been looking at the Days Escape Lite and wondered if anyone has used one of these and what they're like. I need an attendant chair rather than self-push.






The NHS have just provided me with one - I asked my MS nurse about it, she referred me to OH, an OT came out to measure me and establish what I need (I said that I only want it for outside just now to stop me falling so much), and 2 weeks later I picked it up (they would have delivered it, but couldn't tell me when).  There is no charge for an NHS chair, have you explored that option?

Luisa x

Just a thought Lisa, if you do go ahead and buy your own chair, if you have a self propelled one, you can also push it around yourself when able - more flexibility


Thanks Luisa and Willie.

I have tried a self-propelled one but because of problems with my thumbs and poor strength in my arms it isn't really feasible.

I have the means to buy my own but don't know if there are chairs that are more supportive and comfortable than others. Also the Days Escape one has hand brakes for the person pushing you which seem like a good idea - especially if my thirteen year old is pushing me - but I don't know if they're really useful or a bit of a gimmick.



An attendant wheelchair is o.k. but a bit frustrating if you want to get to see something and get pushed right past, if you can't manage a self propelling wheelchair it is worth going for an electric chair the only drawback is it won't fit into a standard car. Personally I have my electric chair for everyday use and have bought a self propelling chair for going in the boot of a car.