Wheelchair help please

Hi folks can anyone help me about getting a self propelled chair that goes through normal width doorways ie 30 inches approx I am 6 foot 2 and about 13 stone in old money and only have arm strength legs don’t work proper and currently using crutches but really need to move to chair soon Thanks Chris

Hi there

Could you get a NHS one, think you have to be referred by your doc . They make sure it is suitable for you/property and repair/service.

I bought a cheap one in addition to an NHS one, c. £120 to be shared around family homes, they do not last v long so either get one through the NHS or pay more, if that is possible.

Good luck

Hi I am 6 foot 1 and weigh the same as you. NHS chair was too heavy to lift in and out of chair so had to spend money on private chair {titanium}. Company came to home with models and measured me up. Cost a bit but well worth it as still going strong after 5 years. Neil

Hi, I suggest you get referred for a wheelchair assessment then if you don’t want an NHS one you just get what that would have cost as a sort of voucher that you can top up with your own money and spend with a mobility aids supplier approved by your local council. I did this as I felt the NHS one was much too heavy to lift in and out of the car - my hubby could manage but it is often my kids or female friends who have to do it as I can’t. For me, this made it well worth the extra money. I’ve got a Karma self propel wheelchair and am very pleased with it as it is light to lift, folds down to fit in car and light to both self propel and push and it turns tightly too so great in shops or indeed at home. I chose it cause I knew I would sometimes use it indoors at home and the tight turning circle means it’s easy to manouver through doorways without too much backing up and lining up!

I’m very pleased with it still 2 years on but you definitely should have a try out of ones you think might suit you because you need to be sure it fits you well, not just for sitting, but for your arm length so you can comfortably self propel. I love being able to self propel as it gives me a sense of independence, especially in shops where I can escape on my own and look at what I want to look at without feeling rushed and I think with a heavier chair it would just be to tiring and I would feel very reliant on whoever was pushing me.

Hope you find one that suits you x

Hi, have a google on t`internet, as advertisers should give a chairs spec and sizes.

Wheelchair services will help, but usually have a long waiting list.

I have bought 6 chairs myself and now use NHS one, as i did myself some damage buying my own. Salesmen just want you to buy and dont know the ins and outs for you.

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