Wheelchair hire

Hello. I am recovering from a relapse which has left my walking and balance all to hell, and I am just not getting better, so I think it is time to go for a whelchair.

I don’t know much about them, so I would like to hire a motorised one before I splash out and buy one.

Does anyone know the best / cheapest way I should go about hiring?

Hi Bostick,

Just got my first electric w/c, not because of pushing; no problem there. I got an Invacare that I can recline to take the pressure off my bum. Gonna swear now cost over friggin £7000 and I hate it; I will probably get used to it but in the meantime have destroyed my flat.

Anyway your query ask your GP; MS Nurse or O/T to refer you to the wheelchair services and you can get one from them; the thing is they will also service it

I already have a manual from them; they won’t let you have two.

Alternatively if you get DLA Mobility component I believe you can get one from them. Whoever your supplier is say you want to try before you buy.


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Thanks George.

Hi Bostick,

Not sure of your area but when I had my hips replaced a few years ago I hired a chair from my local red cross. It was about £5 a week. It was 8 years ago now but I understand you can still hire from them. Maybe worth a try before you buy.

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I bougth a small electric wheelchair from betterlife from Lloyds Pharmacy, it cost me 500.00. I rarely use it now. It was supposed to be less heavy but to be honest its still heavy to put in back of car.

They are selling a Refurbished Drive Cobalt Electric Powerchair for about that price which is all you need. I ended up buying a normal wheelchair off Ebay from Angel i think they are called it was only 50.00 delivered and is fab, very light weight. Its self propel, but i never use it in the house, its used now outside when my PA comes and we go shopping, and my husband and family can use it when i got out as well. I still walk in the house i walk by holding onto my grab rails. I know its essential for me to keep on my legs as much as I can.

Get your GP to refer you to your OT. They will sort you out with a wheelchair and will put aids in your house for you. Yes you can also hire wheelchairs if you google hire wheelchairs in your area I expect there is a company that does them.

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