advice on wheelchairs

I now need a wheelchair my legs no longer work properly.i need ine that has good tyres as i live rural and i can push with my arms as well as by my children when my arms bad…they seem so expensive and im totally skint grrrrr…also one that folds ok for taxi…any advice be great

Ask your Dr for a referral to wheelchair services. They will provide a chair or you can have vouchers towards the cost of one you buy yourself.


Hi, I got my current leccy chair from wheelchair services. It is an indoor/outdoor one. Before that I had an indoor one from them.

There is usually a lengthy waiting list, but it is worth getting properly assessed, beacuse I didnt with previous chairs and damaged myself. The sales people will always be happy to see you a chair, not always with the appropriate knowledge.


Prob is i need one now legs totally gone…i cant use one indoora as but wanted one for outside…will call gp tom ask for referal x

What do you use to get around indoors then?

The wait list is usually long, but if you are thinking you could use a manual one til you are supplied with a lecy one, then a self propel one can be bought for around £100…have a google yeh?


Just did a quick google for you. Found a new, luxury, self propel for £84.95 free delivery! e bay.


Two sticks i can just about put weight on it can just about get from one room toanother…upstairs on my bum…stuck as in small house with hubby and two boys…cant move so totally stuck…gonna order one now as need it and may be ages till referal done and no way i can be totally housebound …i vertually am as it is

Thank you

Hi qeiane, can I stick my pennys worth in and say if you are going to get a self propelled rather than electric from wheelchair services (and I think thats probably what they’ll offer if you are still on 2 sticks in the house) then might be worth trying to get a fixed frame rather than folding manual. They are easier to self propel as no energy going into a wobbly frame and all of it going from arm push into moving yourself forward. I have recently moved across from a pretty cheap folding one to a fixed frame and it has given me much more independence to push myself on fairly level ground. Another thought if you are using it outside only might be an electric scooter - lots of folks on here can advise. Be better on the hills too! I also live somewhere hilly and have to drive into town then park, unload chair, wheel around then reverse the process. Saving up for a scooter now for that reason. Good luck x

Hi i need a fold one as be needing to put in back of taxi’s only taxi’s round here normal cars no black cab types…i dont drive so have to get everywhere by foot…its wont be long before legs totally go dont know what i will do then as cannot move house and no room for wheelchair at all…its a nightmare to be honest…i care for my partner as well so its really hard x x

My district nurse ordered mine for me - it came straight away. This was years ago - about 20yrs. And they came and replaced the tyres as they had perished. Must admit l rarely use it - but it is good to have in case. l use a rollator indoors and out in the garden and l have an all-terrain scooter for getting out with the dogs and seeing to my horses. And l have a little fold up one to put in the back of the car. The big scooter has its own trailer so l can tow it if l go further afield. Must admit - my rollator has been a god-send as l can sit on it as well. lts a Topro Olympus. l have a smaller one at the top of the stairs that l use when l get off the stair-lift.

So contact your GP - tell them you need a wheelchair - and ask your nurse. Say its URGENT!!!

If you need the loan of a wheelchair while you are waiting for an assessment etc then the Red Cross have centres across the country where you can loan wheelchairs (or other aids). They just ask for a donation.