Hello, wondering if anyone can help with regards an electric wheelchair.

My hubby has been in a manual chair for 26 years but can no longer self propel so has been given an electric chair by the wheelchair service. He has now tried 3 different chairs but none have been suitable and proven to not meet his needs.

Wheelchair service have said after 3 tries, they are at the end of the road and can’t do any more. Obviously, I am pushing this issue with them as he can’t walk, bear any weight or self propel, so something has to be done!

The problem we have with the chair he has been given which is a sunrise hula is the seating arrangement. It has a metal base and cannot be changed due to the pole device underneath. He has tried an array of pressure relieving cushions but the discomfort he feels is still very high and he cannot tolerate the pressure on his bottom.

His manual chair, although he cannot push it, is comfortable due to the base being canvas and ‘sags’ in a hammock style fashion. He does not get any pain from this chair. The electric chair, due to its very nature, having a motor and battery, cannot have a canvas seat and must be metal (we are told).

So my question is, does anyone have any answers and where do we go from here? Any recommendations for a comfortable electric wheelchair?

Sadly, I don’t think the wheelchair service will provide another one to try so could be on our own now (and faced with the funding issue) but something has to be done and we are feeling quite desperate.

Any help at all would be gratefully received. Julie

Hi Julie,that’s a tough situation and I hope you find a solution soon.My suggestion is a powerchair.I have a Shoprider Malaga which fits around my titchy flat,but is tough enough for the ‘rally cross pavements’ around here.They are about £1,400 from tinternet.I’ve also got a powerchair from the Motability…It will cost £8,000 over three years and is garbage.

It might be worth Googling the chair,and if you can afford it …The NHS powerchairs are bigger and look a bit rougher.You may need help from an OT to see if a powerchair is suitable.I’ve had four bits of Shoprider kit and it’s all good gear

Good luck,