Smaller wheelchair?

My poor mobility has progressed at the speed of knots. Now that play on words would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

I’m really struggling now indoors using my wheeled walker. Some times my right foot doesn’t want to pick up or move at all. It takes an age to get to the toilet. I almost have to decide I need to go, before I actually do! I have a manual wheelchair, a Quickie Helium in the spare room, that I use for travel. I was given a motorised one which I use outdoors and that lives in the car.

Now I’m wondering if you people have some ideas or suggestions. We live in a shoe box. A very small cottage really and my manual chair just isn’t practical for getting around. How do you all manage?!

Sorry to hear you are struggling xx

I had similar problems Poppy, none of the chairs available were any good around my house!

I don’t know where it came from but I have a child’s chair…not a little child but maybe early teens. As I said I have no idea where my husband bought it but I’m sure if you google child’s wheelchairs, I imagine there might well be some on eBay. Mine is just a Manuel chair, I tried an all singing all dancing electric one but my coordination was terrible.

Im pleased to say that I actually don’t use it as much now I take biotin

Take care,

Nina x

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Thanks Nina. Great idea. IlI’ check out measurements. Average door widths don’t really allow for wheelchair use!

I only ever took biotin for two months, without any affect. :frowning: Maybe iI’l give it another try and for longer.

It can take up to nine months to fully kick in which is frustrating!

its now available in England too, but it must be the pure biotin powder.

Its stopped so many symptoms it’s amazing, sadly the two things that are my worst problems, fatigue and cognitive issues it hasn’t helped at all but my walking is vastly improved.

Take Care,

Nina x

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Hmm just wrote big long reply and Kindle closed looking it. GRRR.I have a Salsa Quickie indoors and out plus through floor lift. I had to stop using stairlift as to dangerous.the quickie manoeuvre well bit tite in hall into lounge but if I go past door turn round at bottom of stairs and come back from other direction easie peasie. Manual wheelchair became to painful in my arms I think it’s arthritis so need powerchair indoors.



Hi there Poppy. Sorry to read of your troubles getting about indoors. Getting a load of purposely placed grab rails would be useful. I furniture walk usually & have placed them with the odd sit down spot for when I’m too drained. When I fall, it’s usually onto a seat. I got sick of braking bones & the after effects from the sarcastic dim witts. An indoor sack trolley, helps me to get things about. A very useful bit of kit indeed. Very similar to using a rotator & a potential problem solver for your predicament.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. You can even commission a local handyman to make you a narrower wheeled device to zip about & try using a Circulation Booster to stimulate them limbs. I got mine for £50 second hand on Ebay & they are awesome. Either by standing bare foot on the plate or sticking the pads to parts of your body.

Keep going Poppy.


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Hi Poppy I use an RGK maxlite, lightweight, use it inside and out, one drawback as usual expensive. If you go for it they will come to you.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for that Tony. My Quickie Helium is similar, but as I said in the beginning, it’s too wide and too hard to manouvre through the doors and angles.

Try a sack trolley Poppy. They are very useful indeed & cheap as chips. Mine is hung up on a coat hook, on the door. I even have one in the boot of my car for whenever it’s required & it’s used.

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Don’ s right the Salsa mini quickie is very good we haven’t had to alter any doors it’s so good with the turning circle I find that I can get through the tinest gaps . Frazer is trained to walk behind if it’s narrow. I haven’t had to use it inside yet but when I got given it they made sure that it would fit through my doorways .The layout of my house is small and there isn’t a lot of room to manuover but I can get around with it . My problem is that I’m a bitter of a clutter monster , we are having jobs done on the house and we’ve thrown loads of stuff and given to charity ect. Michelle and Frazer xx

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I’ve found one from Careco UK. It’s reasonable in price, by comparison to others I’ve seen.

Travelux Quest Power wheelchair. Still a lot of money…

Hello Poppy.

I have used a Travelux Venture in my old flat. I wore it into the ground before the back of the seat collapsed. It worked very well but these things are not everlasting.

Now I’m in my smaller flat it would have been fine. I’m going to choose my new NHS one in August. My friend Suzanne uses a wheeled stool/saddle thing. She swears by it. I’ve also used a Drive rollator/ wheelchair which was very useful.

Best wishes. xx

Thanks Steve. I’m looking at a Travelux Quest on the internet. It seems ideal. Great reviews, reasonable price (compared to some) and would be great to take on holiday when we go to the canaries, instead of hubby having to push always. Is it a small chair you’re able to get from the NHS? Say hello to Eastbourne hospital for me. I used to work there! xx