New wheelchair

Tomorrow I will be venturing out on the train to Eastbourne to sort out a new wheelchair. It’ll be on the NHS. This is good as I’ve just had to fork out £2100.00 for a new outdoor chair.

I have no idea what to expect but I’m finding the prospect rather exciting.

How much choice will I have?

Watch this space.


Steve that’s wonderful news I’m so pleased for you. It’s been a long time coming. I was assessed at home, I thought they might say no because I’m still mobile indoors ( wall and furniture walking ) I was so happy when they said I could have one. It’s a salsa mini quickie. It’s an indoor/outdoor chair and is brilliant to drive , it has an excellent turning circle. The good thing is they repair it straight away if you have any problems. They do advise that you take out insurance for theft ect and if you are ever out and it breaks down. I have fish insurance, I’ve used them previously for my carers on direct payments. They do a very good policy for wheelchairs. I hope it goes well. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Exciting Steve! I’m looking forward to knowing what type you get!

I was given a Quickie Helium chair by the health board here. Its great but my right hand curling now makes it difficult to use by myself. It’s very lightweight though for hubby to push me in.

Hello Steve S, I took delivery yesterday of an Argon2, courtesy of my County Council Wheelchair Services. Very pleased with it - I had a Panthera before and this seems to be more suitable; it feels more rigid and more comfortable. Happy hunting!


I left at 9.15 and was back by 17.45.

A delightful OT called Abi helped me select a chair. I can’t remember what it was called but it was awesome (spoken in a dreadful LA accent).

I’ll let you know.

Steve-ready to roll.

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Surrey NHS supplied me with a - Quickie Salsa M2 Mini powerchair Invacare Action 3NG

Hnei thyere Steve. Any news on the chair yet? I’m excited for you!!

How are you settling in to your new abode?


I’m still waiting on the chair but she did warn me that it’s the holiday season.

My new abode is beset with new kitchen furniture spread out all over the place. They’re starting on Wednesday, the same day I have an OT coming to assess my bathroom needs; arrangement of basin etc, my general bathroom needs are well accounted for. The fifteen second warning, get there quick, try not to leave a wake of wheelchair destruction, do it in one of my strategically placed pee bottles; you know the score.

Oh lordy Steve! I feel for you but it will be worth it all once it’s completed. I’m looking forward to hearing about your cooking again. x My own bathroom needs come with a reasonably long warning time. Minutes rather than seconds. I’m rather cocky though and confident that I’ll get there in time, so don’t always heed the warning. Had sister and her husband here for a while two weeks ago. As they were leaving, my standing up awakened my bladder. I politely waited until they drove away, but didn’t have time to wave. I rushed along the corridor with my 3 wheeler. Bursting! As I got to the bathroom, in my eagerness, the wheels just raced ahead of me. I found myself face planting the walker which had come to an abrupt halt in the corner. I fell onto it but kept my head and shoulders up so as not to damage my face. I was contorted in such a way that husband could only rescue me by grabbing my ankles and sliding me into the middle of the floor. Long story short, I still have spectacular bruising on my right arm and ribbon cage and have been prescribed vallium and pain relief for my back. Oh, and my bladder seized up until I actually got to sit on the loo!!! Sorry Steve. I’ve just been rambling away on your thread…need to get out more.