New Wheels

My wheelchair has arrived. It isn’t as light as I’d hoped and there is no way I will be lifting it into the car. Luckily my husband can provide the muscle. Not sure how I feel about it yet, but we are going to give it a test drive locally before we go further afield. I had visions of being able to wheel myself along at speed like those wheelchair racers but I think that was just a dream. On my first go there was a definite pull to the left as that is my weaker side. Bit more practice required I think.

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Well done you, give yourself time to get the hang of it and in no time at all you will realise you have your freedom.

You will have to think of a name to give it now, mine has been named whizzy!!

Pam x

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It’s great being in a shop and not having to go where the person pushing you thinks you need to be.


Hi, I plucked up the courage to ring my G.P’s surgery last week to ask for a wheelchair referral I’ve not been proper out for an age

.I remember using one when I broke my leg 2 years ago and I hated others being in control, they deliberately took advantage of my immobility,parking me up facing walls, pretending to let me go on hills, my partner let go of the chair when we had an argument, I was on a slight incline and rolled into the school fencing. they all found it a way to get me back and have a good laugh.

The Morale of my story this time around is : don’t argue with the driver, have a clear plan of where were going and what both of us expect from the journey, remind the driver before leaving the house that wheelchairs do not climb up high kerbs by running at them.

pauline xx

Well done Seabird… you’ll soon realise that you can get out more and how less exhausting it is.

Unfortunately the para olympics did give a rather unrealistic picture of how a wheelchair can be used… need to remember that they are athletes & although disabled they do not have an illness like MS. So don’t expect to be doing wheelies!

I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it soon… let us know how it goes.

Pauline, I’m shocked that people were so horrible to you in a wheelchair! Hope it goes much better this time round. I think when it’s a temporary, like with your broken leg, people do think it’s something they can have a laugh with… but when it becomes a necessary thing because of MS people will take it much more seriously.

Pat xx

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Did anyone else get sick of being told in 2012 “I suppose you’ll be going in for the Paralympics, then, he-he?”

I used to point out out that I didn’t expect to, being 58 and all. I realise I should have said “yeah, and I’ll be seeing you in the main Olympics, will I?”

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Hi KeV

Yeah, sick to the back teeth of comments.

Pam x