New Wheelchair

Its come it was delivered today, My new wheelchair from the nhs…I should be excited…I am kind of but…just a little flat…its lovely its a beautiful shiny red Salsa mini quickie…Frazer has given it his wag of approval…it turns on a sixpence and is super comfortable to sit in, in fact its brilliant…my other poor battered blue one with it big clumpy feet that always fall of at inconvenient times, sits in the corner…looking sad…as if a wheelchair could but you know what im mean…me and him had memories we’ve been places wheelchairs are never meant to go and he was my first step in my freedom, my journey to recovery. I never gave him a name but he was a he. I know im daft…im not losing it honestly.

An suggestions of a name for my new chair??

Michelle and Frazer xx

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Aw Shelley. You must have the old one put somewhere out of sight for now then start creating lots of lovely new memories for the new chair. How about naming him Rolly, as in Roland? :slight_smile:

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Hi there. How about calling your new chair super nova, or dead nifty. I hope u get on really well with it. I should imagine it’s like having your first car, you’ve got to name it …

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Call it Charlie as is Charlie chair my predictive says chairman and chairperson when I type in chair.

I have never named mine I am going away next week with all the grandsons so may get them to christen it.


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My travel chair is called Angel and my indoor chair is Phoenix

I know what you mean about feeling sorry for your old friend. I had the same with my old manual one the BMW. (Blue Meanie’s Wheels). I gave it to the local community centre so it would still be used.

Maybe a trip to Fluin Lane would be in order? Just a thought.

Take a picture of it with you and Frazer and frame it.

Best wishes, Steve. x

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Thanks Steve, I knew you’d understand but I don’t think Frodsham community would thank me. Its completely worn out it needs new batteries and a new gearbox i didnt know wheelchairs had gearboxes but chester shop mobility told me it’s not worth spending any money on. The disengage lever doesn’t work anymore either so I’ve been taking a big risk everytime I’ve gone out.Wednesday night it slowed to a snail pace just as I’d got off the train from Chester so I had to get a taxi back. Thanks for your kind words. Michelle and Frazer xx

Thanks Don. I hope that you have a lovely time with your Grandsons. It’s great to have an adventure. You must write a blog about it after. Michelle and Frazer xx

Yes you are right night owl, it’s been amazing I think because getting that chair was like climbing out of a dark place. My husband only said this morning that hes amazed how far I’ve come on this journey. I have a good family and good friends on here I truly belive this forum has been a big factor in my recovery everyone on here is lovely . Michelle and Frazer xx

Thanks Poppy, i felt daft being sad I really appreciate everyone’s kind words. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Hi Michelle

so pleased you have your new chair…now it’s time for “trouble free” motoring.

Have fun.

Pam x

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Thanks Pam, Ive just been out in it wit the ot and thankfully he has signed me off as safe. I was soo nervous i don’t know why because ive done miles in my previous chair. but hes said i’m good to go. Very soon ill be off with Frazer on some new adventures. Molly wants to go out right now but i’m feeling wiped out all i want to do is sleep.

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XXX hope your feeling better.


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Enjoy your new chair. Hope it gives you as many good memories as the previous one.


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Happy new chair Michelle sounds just the job.

J x

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What colour is it Michelle?

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Thank you so much everyone you are all so lovely it’s great to be able to get support from friends that know how I feel. Don it’s a shiny red wheelchair, well the seat is but the bottom half is shiny red. I’ve been on the bus with it to Cheshire oaks I just went there and back with Molly and Frazer on Monday night to see if i could do it. I have to say it’s very good it turns easier its a smaller chair and is great for gaps. And Poppy you’ll be pleased to know I’ve named it Rolly . Molly thought it was a brilliant name She said immediately Rolly Mo apparently he’s a mole in a children’s program. So Roly Mo it is. Michelle and Frazer xx

Delighted your pleased with your new chair Michelle, (and Rolly!). I think you’re great, taking off with it and getting on buses etc. I’m still learning with my new Helium.

Just got back from hols in Gran Canaria with Hubby. Couldn’t have done it without the chair and without airport assistance. That is a fantastic service those guys provide, and free of charge! I’m still struggling with opening heavy doors and the thought of “jumping” up a kerb terrifies me! Hubby is still being a bit of a controler with it. He means so well I can’t really be too critical of him though.

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Hello Poppy thanks for your message. I’m getting more confident with Rolly Mo (wheelchair ) On Friday I went to Chester on the train with Frazer and Molly and Isabelle. We had a super time, its great not having to worry about the battery running out, my other chair was awful, it’s been playing up a while. So apart from getting used to the sensitve hand control and the wobbly feeling on the pavements, all is going well. Well done on your adventure flying it’s something id love to do but I’m not sure how I’d manage with Frazer and the wheelchair. Michelle and Frazer xx