Time to think about a wheelchair

After putting it off for some time, and after chatting to my MS nurse, I have asked for a referral to Wheelchair Services. I want a lightweight wheelchair so that I can still go out on daytrips with the family. I already have a mobility scooter but it isn’t always feasible to use it, particularly if any public transport is involved and walking for any length of time is getting increasingly difficult. I know that there is quite a long waiting list so I thought I’d better start now. Do any of you have any recommendations for a lightweight model, one that as well as being light is easy to fold up. I also plan on getting a self propell one. Any thoughts very gratefully received.

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Hi Seabird

Not sure if you are new to the forum, but in case, welcome to “our gang”. My memory does play tricks sometime, so please ignore that if you have been on the boards a while.

Its a very long time ago that I had a self propel, but it was an invacare, which folded down small and the wheels could be popped off as well, but someone else may be able to give you more advice.

Well done for asking to be referred for a chair, it will give you your freedom and allow days out with the family, saving your precious energy for enjoying the day, and it is only an aide to make your life easier.

Fingers crossed that your appointment date comes through quick.

Pam x

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I know things are different across the country but my appointment came through really quickly (within a fortnight). However, I didn’t get a choice, it was just the standard, common issue self-propel model. It’s a DashLite and folds up easily.

Sarah x

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Thanks for the advice. Diagnosed 2 years ago and fairly new to the forum as a poster but the information I have gained from everyone has been invaluable in helping me manage since diagnosis. I am led to believe the waiting list for appointments around here is very long so I am not holding my breath.


Hello Seabird,

I bit the bullet and bought a wheelchair from my own money 10 years ago. It has been invaluable for gettimg about outside on a day to day basis. My wife and I bought it whilst having a break in Worcester. The sight of my rather petite wife hefting this lalloping greak hulk up Worcestershire Beacon in unsuitable shoes was a thing of great wonder. Anyway it gave an instant high (literally) to my sagging spirits and a fairly neat pair of biceps to my lovely wife. It might be an idea to ask around for any “spare” wheelchairs just in case. In addition, many venues offer wheelchair hire free of charge.

Best wishes, Steve

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Hi Seabird I must say my choice of chair was zero one just turned up after a visit from one of the social services. I did sell it for a self propelled one which was no problem. Then a couple of years ago due to my body shape I was measured for one . Both chairs have been first class and the wheelchair service have now got me an electric one bus to my wrist s having arthritis. We keep the fold up one in the car for shopping trips. I must say i recently suffered serious wheelchair envy when on a trip out, there are some fantastic examples out there.


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Hi Seabird, I got a wheelchair through local authority (a London one) about 2 years ago. Like you I use a scooter for local trips but the w/c is really handy when I go further afield.

It is a very different feeling from scooter… even though self-propelling you don’t have the same feeling of control… but once you get used to it it’s great.

Mine is a make called Breezy. The wheels pop off and it’s easy to fold down.

I waited hardly any time at all but it does depend on where you live.

Best of luck with it and let us know how you get on… and nice to see you posting on here.

Pat xx

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Hi Seabird,

I bought my chair because I wanted a narrow one in order to navigate around all the obstacles in my home!

Unfortunately I peeled the label off with the name on…sorry not much help to you!

However, I can tell you it’s self propelling…I had an electric one for a while and although I also have a small electric scooter, which I love and find very easy to handle I wasn’t able to get used to the electric wheelchair …felt totally out of control. I suppose like our MS we are all different.

Good luck, let us know what you choose,

Nina x

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I posted a long reply while I was listening to the football and it’s gone missing, so headlines were:

Need a chair made for my height.

Can’t get anything through social services, too much savings.

Got my Quickie Neon through Simply Health. They bring chairs out to your home and talk you through the benefits of each. But they are tied two only two or three manufacturers. Very sympathetic and helpful, knowledgable and not pushy.

Good luck

Kev xx

PS Watford 4 Leeds 1 :slight_smile:

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Apologies for the late thank you to everyone for your suggestions (problem with logging in). Apparently, I could get given a voucher to purchase my chair of choice so I’ll start looking into it. We have a large supplier near us, so I can test drive a few as well. Will keep you posted.

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I recently got the Enigma spirit manual to replace my old one through the voucher scheme if that’s any use to you? I find the chair fabulous and light weight, and great for when the family push me, as there are anti tip wheels, but importantly to me it looks smart, the arm rests also go right the way down so I can sit at a restaurant table or such without a problem. it’s also far more padded than some.



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