shower room re-fit

Hi, an OT came to do an assessment of my wet room facilties recently. This occured because when a chap came from the Housing Adaptations unit, to sign off my ceiling hoist, he asked to use our loo.

When he came out, he said How on earth do you cope in that room? I asked what he meant.

he referred to the proximity of the loo next to the wall. i said it was a squeeze to get my commode over the loo and that I constantly struggled and banged myself.

He also said that the flooring and drain for the shower looked inadequate. I had to agree, as water goes into the hallway and resembles Niagara Falls sometimes!.

So he referred me for the assessment.

Anyroad, the OT was in agreement and has recommended that I have a new close-o-mat loo, as i have difficulty cleaning myself up and have to get carers and hubby to do it…no dignity, is there? She also says the flooring should be re-done with a more suitable drainage system.

Does anyone use a close-o-mat loo and if so, what do you think to it?

luv Pollx

I don’t have one Poll… but I think it sounds like great idea if it will give you and carers more room.

And new flooring and drainage system… lovely.

When OT put in my level-access shower I had choice of floor and tile colours. Was FAB!

Why not try putting ‘close-o-mat loo’ into YouTube? I find just about anything and everything has been filmed by someone somewhere!

Hope you’re doing well hon… I’m in my bed… not a good day… hey ho… tomorrow IS another day…

Love Pat xx

This is great news Poll. Hope this all turns out to be much better than what you’ve already got. How are you doing since the SPC op? I hope you are doing OK? Teresa xx

Sounds great Poll. I hope it makes life easier and more comfortable for you. It will be a help to your carers also. Hope you are recovering well from your op my love. Teresa.x

Hello Poll

Am really envious as I asked my OT for a clos-o-mat and was told they were too expensive for her to provide - think they cost around £3.5k

(same OT as told me I needed a profiling bed and to buy my own by the way)

Anyway, last week I called on a neighbour who also has MS. She has just had her clos-o-mat removed and replaced with something similar, but an improvement on the clos-o-mat, which her husband said would have cost £8k if they had paid for it. Her upper body doesn’t seem that good so can only assume that is why they have this improved model. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what it is called.

From my research, the clos-o-mat should certainly make things easier for you.


Hi Pat.

Hope today finds you better than yesterday…but this heatwave has us all wilting, eh?

I have seen how the clos-o-mat loo works on the websites selling them. Just wondered if anyone here uses one.

luv Pollx

Hi Teresa, yeh, hope I can have the loo.

Not so good since Thursdays outing. Wound is sore and painful when I move more than a couple of inches. I was doing so well, so probably got a bit over confident. Neer fret, I`ll bounce back, as usual.

luv Pollx

Hi, yes, I remember you not being able to get a profile bed and I was mad on your behalf.

Hoping I can get funding for my new loo, as we have zilch savings! Living with a disability has cost us a lot of dosh over the years. In fact we have spent around 30k of our money, buying stuff and adapting the house. Now i ask for help.

Wish you could get help too.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

I’d never heard of these loos until you mentioned them and so I Googled it - it looks really good and I hope you manage to get one of these fitted as I think it would really help you.

Fingers crossed for you.

Mary ;-))))))))))))))))))

Hi Poll, first, how are you after your op? Sorry, I’ve been on holiday and was super busy for months before that so have missed out on quite a few things. I don’t have one of these toilets myself but I do work somewhere that sells them and they certainly come with good reviews, I think there are a few different brand types as well. I’ve never actually seen it in action though and of course things always look great in the catalogues. That said, they have a lot of features and it certainly sounds like they would be something that might help you. As for the shower, if you are goin to get one put in for you they will know about the best makes and what to use. All sounds very encouraging to me. Go for it if you can. Cheryl

Sounds like things are looking up for you. It is good when nice things happen to people who deserve it. Glad your op went well. That toilet looks amazing, people will want to be making excuses to test it out lol.

Hi Cheryl, our shower wont be replaced, just the floor and drainage, plus the loo and maybe the basin.

Fingers crossed I can get the funding.

luv Pollx

Hi, ta for your reply.

Yes, life is improving now.

luv Pollx

Hi poll, hope you are ok, I have a clos-o-mat and its brill washes and dries i think the only thing it doesn’t do is clean the bathroom they are expensive but I was granted funding also they put a sink in that if I’m in wheelchair we can lower it to the right height then hubby can raise it back for him all at the flick of the handle it has made life so much easier in the bathroom. Luv Yvonne xxx

Hi Yvonne, oh that sounds ab fab! I am hoping I get full finding as we have a minus bank balance! Which firm did the work for you? The rising/lowering basin sound ideal, but the height we both use our basin is the same, as I am always in my wheelie. When did you have the work done?

luv Pollx

Hi, the work was done 2years ago and clos-o-mat fitted the toilet and sink I didn’t know about the sink till the last minute but I’m really happy with both of them Luv Yvonne xx