Wet Room - Shower Screens

Hi, we are in the process of building an extension to the house, it’s taking forever and we are not that close to doing the work yet but are getting there. As part of this extension we will have a wet room and you folk have given me great advise before about wet rooms but one more question. As part of the shower I planned to fit a screen around it, the architect says there is space for that but asked if we really needed one. I was just thinking about the screen stopping water splashing everywhere but maybe we don’t need one. They also look nice but they would need cleaned and of course they cost money so maybe we don’t need one. Do you lot have screens in your wet room or not and if I don’t have one would that be ok. Thanks Cheryl:-)


I find its easier without a screen cos gives more room. The wetroom is designed so the plug/drain is lower than surrounding areas and with proper flooring then it all drains away. I have a stool for use in there, to have a screen too is just too much-but that depends on the size of the room?

Ellie x

Thanks Ellie I think I’ve just seen the screens in catalogues and of course they look good there. The more I thunk about it the more I think I maybe don’t need a screen, I have a seat in the shower too. Tbh I’m finding it hard to visualise a shower without a screen but I know what you say about the plug an drain and it being fitted properly. I’ll have a company doing the whole extension and it will be project managed so I’m confident it will be done properly (as long as I avoid cowboy builders, lol). Thanks again Cheryl:-)

I have a curtain in mine - not stylish but it does the job.


We have no curtain or screen and I find the water does not splash about at all really. I would not bother with the expense. I thought it would be hard to get used to a shower without a screen too, it seemed weird. By honestly, it is actually really nice having al that space. I wouldn’t change it ever! Xx

Thanks Jane, yes a curtain is another idea that I hadn’t thought of, a curtain could also be washed so maybe easier to keep clean than a screen. Thanks Amanda, yes it’s hard to imagine how it would be, good to know that the water doesn’t splash everywhere. I’m trying to keep the costs down so that is probably one thing I don’t really need. Cheryl:-)

Me again

I was assuming a screen round the bottom! Sorry-I misunderstood!

I have a shower curtain which does the job but as someone else said, even that is not essential, easily pulled back to give maximum room.

Ellie x

Thanks again Ellie, think I’m just nervous about getting everything right. Cheryl:-)

I don’t have anything and it’s no problem - even the loo roll doesn’t get splashed.


Thanks Liz, that’s reassuring to know about the loo roll, lol. Cheryl:-)

Hi, yes I have a curtain… although mine is ‘level access shower’ so not really a wet room… but I think I would worry about the floor getting wet and slippery. Curtain is nice as a screen is more sort of hemmed in and also more difficult to clean.

Pat x

Thanks Pat Can I ask you please what is the difference between a wet room and a level access shower. Thanks Cheryl:-)

Hi Cheryl, a level access shower does not have a dip in the floor for the drain. The drain has an electric pump which turns on with the shower. They are put in in bathrooms that were built as normal bathrooms, and cheaper I think to use the pump than make a dip in the floor. It has a gate (for want of a better word) and a shower curtain.

Mine was paid for by local council through OT service. It is fabulous! When I stopped being able to get in bath I was having to strip-wash which is hard work and you never really feel clean… so the shower feels like real luxury.

Pat x