Body Dryer in a Wet Room

We are thinking of having a wet room installed and apparently there is such a thing as a ‘body dryer’ - this is attached to the corner wall of the shower by an electrician - making my life a whole lot easier. Need some feedback if it is worth paying for.

mmm, sounds good…never tried one…imagine they are pricey eh?


just to add…I was on council list for a wet room…after 2.5 yrs they are coming to survey…thing is, my 18 months old Hollywood glitz wet room is fab. forked out 7k for it mesel!

Hope your`s goes well.


Making progress but not placed any orders for anything - overloaded on information!! A reputable local bathroom supplier hasn’t even heard of a body dryer so making enquiries on our behalf. The only make of body dryer I can find is from Impey which can be fitted inside the shower area which will direct warm air - an electrician is needed. Sounds a good idea so why has no one marketed it as such?

Hello Peteshep, how are yer ? This may be a stoopid comment, which I have a gift for… My family went to Centerparcs last year (Elveden), and my boys spent the week in the huge pool/slides there. The point - they had a big body dryer there, we all stood in it as it blasted warm air out. Was beginning to feel like a chicken in a microwave towards the end. Could they supply details on where they got theirs ? Just a thought. Regards, Andy

I am surprised the bathroom people were not more informative. I spent a couple of minutes on Google and came up with two contenders:

There is one called valairyo - they have a video on u tube - looks good. There is also one called tornado - American I think but they have a UK web site.

it also looks like dyson have plans to do one. A sort of unit that you stand on and it blast air upwards !

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Did you have a look at the whole of Impey’s site? they do have a wet room giveaway scheme/competition for peple refused Disabled facilities grants. They are very helpful when you order from them,very efficient. No I didn’t get anything free as the work on my wet room was under way when I came across the info, however I did purchase a shower seat from them, which came next day.

Upwards?! I hate to think what will be flapping around in the breeze!

methinks it wouldn’t be stylish like Marilynn Monroe standing over that air vent.