Body dryers

Good morning everyone, Can you help me, I’m having a wet room fitted soon and would like to ask have any of you had installed a body dryer? They look really useful as I have problems with my arms and legs and I would be able to sit in the shower and dry without any real effort. Have looked on line but really would like to hear from anybody who has used one. Thanks Jennifer x

I’ll be interested to find out too Jennifer.

I’d love to have a wet room fitted whenever I move house. Searched on ebay under “body dryer” and there’s some there. It’ll avoid me falling backwards when I dry myself.

I’d be interested in this too. Especially if anyone has experience of them in a wet room as opposed to a shower cubical. I wonder how successful they are when the air does not bounce off the cubical sides.


Just spoken to our local occupational therapist, she would not advise these dryers as she said they often breakdown and ar’nt really suitable if your sitting down which I would be, hope this helps.

Thanks for the heads up Jennifer.

Hi, while I don’t want to go against your occupational therapist I am surprised by what she is saying. I work in a place that sells these things, never seen one in action or used one I must admit but they look good in the catalogues (yes I know things always look good in the catalogues) and very useful, especially for disabled people. I understand the reservations about using sitting down, I dry myself (with a towel) while sitting down and yes it is a little awkward getting the back of the legs and bum area fully dry, however it is doable. I can use my arms at the moment so drying myself with a towel is easy enough. If my arms started to work not so well my first port of call would be a product that quickly and easily dried me with no effort on my behalf, even allowing for the fact that I might miss the bits that I was sitting on! It sounds a lot better to me than struggling with a towel to dry myself when there is a product that might make the job easier! What is the occupational therapists alternative idea? Cheryl:-)