shower seat

after getting a wetroom installed,socia care gave me a shower seat,it is excellent no balance problems,ty social care

Never thought I would sit down to shower but I got one put in my wet room and it's ab fab



Oh you're so lucky I'd love to be able to just have a shower to walk into and sit down, did the social do it for you?



yes social did it,then wife got involved abd it cost us a fortune at the end


Hi Janet,

mine was done by the council when they adapted my bungalow (council house)



Thanks All for answering my question. At present we have a bath and I have to risk falling getting into the bath to have a shower as I can no longer sit in a bath without sliding down as my back just will not support me. Thanks once again.



contact social work and ask for ot assement,if they dontr give u one contact ur local counciller,they will help,infact the reason mine got rolling INwas talking to councellersd wife ,who mentioned it to hubby,and I got a half step out the door grab rails at the door and the wet room,,good to have pals sometimes :)

Hi all, I have a full shower chair/commode, with wheels. I need support all round and this chair was made for me by social services after great input from ot. It`s great!

luv Pollx

social work can do a lot of things right,,if you get the right ot,


Thanks everyone, I am having a home assessment next week so hopefully I can get something done for me. Fingers crossed!! Certainly not my legs, he, he!!




If you have smooth glossy tiles in the shower area you can get handles with suction pads and you can place them wherver you want

I talk about them on my website You can also but through my website.I find them absolutely invaluable.  Also got a vertical handle or rab rail.

Find both those items essential, to get into the shower and yto hold whilst having a shower.

Good luck,