Showering sitting down!

Since I moved into my adapted council bungalow I have been enjoying the wet room. When I first saw the seat I thought “well, I don’t need THAT” However I decided to give it a try and it’s wonderful :slight_smile: No more wobbling to wash my feet and I’m not nearly as exhausted when I’ve finished. It just shows how aids can help even when we initially eschew them.
I am usually resistant to any new aids - “why on earth would I need that?” Wheelchair services are bringing my indoor powerchair next week and in my heart I know that I need it but my desire is to put it in the corner with a nice throw over it. I think this post is really about persuading myself that I should use the chair inside (I’m already resigned to wheels outside the house) I’ll let you know how I get on.


I have a wet room with a seat and i was the same as you! but i use it all the time now, so do my kids lol

No it’s hard to adjust but use what you need to make your life easier Jane

Tracy x

I’ve got a wet room as well with a shower chair, I have two handles as well, to begin with I was told you cannot have handles or it will encourage you to use them instead of the shower chair,

I fell in the wet room hit the toilet and broke a rib when my husband phoned OT and give them a piece of his mind that is why I have 2 handles and no it has not encouraged me to use just them I actually use them to help me in and out of the shower chair

OMG broke a rib hope your ok now. Well i guess that taught them a lesson i have a two rails they just put them in never said you can’t have them, they must have known that i needed them to get up!!!

Tracy x

yes thanks my rib is ok now that was about 2 years ago,

my OT is always the same dont matter what I ask for oh no you cant have that I even ended up going to local Councillor to ask for his help to get my wet room might be why she says no to everything.

Hi Jane, I just had a level-access shower finished a couple of weeks ago, with chair. Like you, I thought I wouldn’t use it… or not much… but it’s made huge difference. Less tiring, don’t feel the need to rush before legs go wobbly, in fact I use it every time I have a shower now without even thinking about it. Funny how quickly we get used to something.

It’s true, we don’t realise how good these aids are until we use them.

Happy showering! :wink:

Pat x

Want one! Want one, gonna get one! Got to have it, want it, need it and jolly well gonna have it; but I have to move house first as where I live now the house needs so much work that it isn’t feasable to instal right now. So I’m gonna jolly well buy somewhere else and design the best wetroom ever just for ME!!!

If it`s gonna keep you safe, then DO IT!
luv Pollx

got one there really good but i miss having my bath :frowning: